Celebrity real estate: Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum hit the housing market

Aug 8, 2014 at 6:29 p.m. ET
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It's official: A day in the life of celebrity real estate is just as exciting as a day in the life of the actual celebrity. By buying and listing as often as they make up and break up, their houses are just another small luxury in the life of the rich and famous. And since most of us can't actually purchase their listings, it is pretty fun to look at and drool over what will never be...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's French-country Hidden Hills purchase

kim k's house

Photo credit: Zillow.com

Recently, Kim and Kanye made headlines when they decided to sell the home they purchased in Bel Air last year rather than move in after a hefty renovation. Probably freaking out the momager, the pair has officially purchased a home that is beyond move-in ready, perhaps as a small celebration of passing Kim's last marriage mile marker of 72 days. Admitting that neither knew exactly what North West would need in a home, the new piece of real estate should be move-in ready for the couple by the end of August. Previously owned by Lisa Presley, the mansion is meant to resemble that of a villa in France. Squash the rumors about a move across the seas, as this home sits on three acres in the hills of Calabasas, which is still fairly close to the other members of the close Kardashian clan. With 8,000 square feet filled with an oversize kitchen (with three islands — three!), a huge family room, eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, two in the master bedroom alone, we feel there is plenty of room for three.

Kim K's closet

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Although this closet probably resides in the master bedroom, it's safe to assume that this beauty is big enough for only North's baby couture clothing.

Kim K's bathroom

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Do you think all of Kim K.'s glam squad will fit in here? Probably not, but this bathroom is still absolutely divine.

Miranda Kerr's beach-front buy in Malibu

Miranda Kerr's house

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Miranda Kerr has decided to live her single-mom life in the beachy comforts of a seaside home purchased for $2.5 million. For a native of Australia, it makes total sense to choose to stay in a simple coastal getaway after splitting with Orlando Bloom and listing their Hollywood home last year. Not large in size, the three-bedroom home offers up enough amenities to live up to the large price tag; the amenities include an easy walk to the beach, an attached gym and pool house, and a brick courtyard perfect for little Flynn to roam in.

Miranda Kerr's pool

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And although Flynn may be too young to enjoy the hot tub, we're sure his mama will. If not, she's always got the ocean to stare at.

Miranda Kerr's bathroom

Photo credit: Zillow.com

The skylights in the second bath are sure to be the highlight of little Flynn's bedtime routine. In fact, Mom Miranda may even steal a soak or two in here.

Heidi Klum sells heavenly McMansion for $24 million

Heidi Klum's house

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Moving along to another divorcee: Heidi Klum has officially closed on her extremely oversize estate she once owned with ex-husband Seal. Like Kimye's purchase, this home was bought by Klum due to the resemblance of the south of France. Renovated to fit the model's unique and lavish style, the 12,300-square-foot home became an admitted piece of perfection, with Klum even going as far as referring to it as heaven. Why the German-born celebrity would admit this and then sell, we're unsure, but whoever bought this home is one rich and very lucky person.

Klum's office

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It's hard to believe that Klum got any work done for Project Runway when staring off into the Hollywood Hills in this ridiculously lavish office.

Klum's backyard

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No, this isn't a resort you're looking at, it's Heidi's old backyard. If this were my home, I don't think I'd ever leave. So why did Heidi sell it? We'll just chalk it up as another unsolved mystery in the vast world of celebrities.

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