Stylish terrariums that double as decor

Bringing the outdoors into your home will add a little eco-chic flair, but not all of us were blessed with green thumbs. Happily, terrarium decorations are super-low-maintenance, making them the best of both worlds. These gorgeous versions get high marks for both sustainability and style.


 Stylish terrariums that double as decor

Would it be too much of a cliché if we called this a bright idea? Because, seriously, it is. This electric-meter-turned-terrarium is so cool we can hardly handle it. We particularly like the idea of grouping these together on the wall for major impact (Etsy, $150).


 Stylish terrariums that double as decor

There is something so simply zen about the Original EcoSphere. A hand-blown glass orb, it is the world’s first totally enclosed ecosystem — that’s right, it’s totally self-contained and self-sustaining, right down to the live marine shrimp swimming about inside (Amazon, $56).


 Stylish terrariums that double as decor

Housed in a potion-like corked bottle, this Marimo terrarium feels delightfully like something you’d find at in the office of Pomono Sprout, the professor of herbology at Hogwart’s (said the Harry Potter-aholic). Plus, Marimo or “Japanese Moss Balls” — they’re kind of like the tumbleweeds of the sea — are easy to care for. And pretty (Etsy, $27).


 Stylish terrariums that double as decor

If there’s one bit of Americana that has seized the imagination of the country more than any other as of late, it’s gotta be the Mason jar. You can see what all the fuss is about by taking one peek at these authentic antique Ball jars that have been upcycled into beach-themed terrariums. Filled with a fresh mix of preserved mosses and lichens, sand, seashells and starfish, these blue beauties are high on charm (Etsy, $60).


 Stylish terrariums that double as decor

Unlike many paned glass terrariums, this gorgeous dark gray version by H Potter (not the boy wizard, mind you) is actually enclosed, making it ideal for holding anything from garden herbs to succulents and more. A hinged panel roof offers ease of access and ventilation (Amazon, $72).


 Stylish terrariums that double as decor

Chew on this (sorry, couldn’t resist): This Carousel gumball machine serves as a sweet bit of nostalgia and a living terrarium. A total conversation starter, the circa 1985 re-purposed machine is just as low-maintenance as it is adorable — you simply screw the top off to water it, which you only have to do every three to four weeks (Etsy, $99).


 Stylish terrariums that double as decor

We dig home decor that’s ever-so-slightly macabre, and this crystal skull terrarium fits the bill. The upcycled Crystal Head Vodka bottle acts as a hauntingly chic home for Marimo moss balls floating above a bed of white pebbles, shells and sea glass. We especially like the sea fan “nerves” and the eerie vibe they add (Etsy, $29).

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