Top 10 closet organizers from West Elm

Closets can easily turn into a tangle of shoes, dirty laundry and accessories. If your closet is making it disastrous to dress, these organizational options can help.

When you think of closet organization, open the door to a variety of options to help keep things in order. These pieces from West Elm are pretty and functional — perfect to help organize your closet. Some items match, and some are stand-alone to pair up with any number of other great pieces you either have or need.

1. Wire mesh storage rectangular tray

Wire Mesh Storage Rectangular Tray

Price: $39

These wire storage trays are nostalgic and pretty. They’re also rustproof and big enough to hold things like dirty towels. Consider storing rolled socks, folded T-shirts or any number of items.

2. Wire mesh standing storage shelving rack

Wire Mesh Standing Storage Standing Shelving Rack

Price: $179

The perfect complement to the storage trays, this wire mesh rack has four shelves to store just about anything you can imagine.

3. Canvas shoe box

Canvas Shoe Box

Price: $12

Store everything from your running shoes to stilettos in these sturdy shoe boxes. The best part: a see-through panel to help you pick the right shoes.

4. Bamboo over-the-door organizer

Bamboo Over the Door Organizer

Price: $79

You’ll feel good about including this in your closet. The over-the-door organizer is made from rapidly renewable bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. You’ll be able to put the multiple slots and trays to good use.

5. Modern weave harvest baskets

Modern Weave Harvest Baskets

Price: $39

Pretty and sturdy, these handwoven baskets come in two colors. Two handles can help when you’re carrying laundry or moving items around.

6. Bamboo laundry triple hamper

Bamboo Laundry Triple Hamper

Price: $149

This hamper includes three drawers to help separate your delicates from your denim and dirty socks. This is a feel-good product made from rapidly renewable bamboo and recycled plastic bottles.

7. Universal Expert shoe bench

Universal Expert Shoe Bench

Price: $160 (Sale price: $128)

Store up to six pairs of shoes, slippers and sandals with this bench. It’s sturdy enough to sit on and easily wipes clean.

8. Universal Expert laundry bin

Universal Expert Laundry Bin

Price: $120 (Sale price: $75)

If your closet is on the cozy side, this is the laundry bin for you. It’s ventilated, easily wipes clean and has a perfect match in the same-style shoe bin.

9. Mosaic triangles jewelry boxes

Mosaic Triangles Jewelry Boxes

Price: $49-$79

It’ll be a joy to store your accessories in these colorful jewelry boxes. The interiors are covered in felt to keep your sparklers scratch-free.

10. Manzanita wall jewelry branch

Manzanita Wall Jewelry Branch

Price: $99

If shelf space is at a premium in your closet, turn to the wall. This decorative jewelry rack is almost like artwork for the wall where you can hang your jewelry. Plus, it’s nice to see all your jewelry options in one spot.

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