Organizing tricks that double as decor

May 2, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Storage and cabinet space can be precious in places like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Luckily, there are countless organizing tricks that allow you to turn your clutter into decor.

Organizing tricks that double as decor

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Wine rack for towels

Wine rack towel holder

Photo credit: Shelterness

Wine racks are popular gifts, so if you are like a lot of folks, you have more wine racks than wine. How do you fix this problem and create more storage in your bathroom? By repurposing your wine rack and turning it into a towel rack. The hidden beauty of this great idea is that most wine racks will fit nicely on the back of the toilet, which often ends up being valuable — but wasted — space.


Doorknobs for towel hangers

towel rack

Photo credit: Not Just a Housewife

Why do antique (or replica) doorknobs evoke feelings of nostalgia and romance? We can't answer that, but anytime doorknobs are used to better organize a space, we're in. Plain old towel racks are so last year. There is a newer, better way to get towels up off the floor — and this is it.


Ladder towel rack

ladder towel rack

Photo credit: Decoist

Ladders are excellent for storage and decorating because ladder rungs so closely mimic shelves — without being shelves. Ladders also don't take up that much space, so if you have limited real estate in your bathroom, this can be a fun and easy way to store a multitude of bathroom necessities.


Screen jewelry frame

screen jewelry frame

Photo credit: tammnoony via Etsy

It's easy for a washroom to start to resemble a jewelry boutique. We need jewelry to be a quick and effortless reach on the way out the door, which is why jewelry so often ends up scattered on bedroom furniture and bathroom counters. It's simple to install mesh or screening in open frames — so simple that you can make several of these in a weekend.


Peg-Board jewelry organizer

peg board jewelry holder

Photo credit: The 36th Avenue

We're not quite done when it comes to clever techniques to organize jewelry in ways that are as attractive as the accessories themselves. Who would have thought that the Peg-Board we often associate with old-fashioned hardware stores would make such a clever backdrop for a beautiful wall hanging while doubling as an organizer? All it needs is a frame, a few hooks and some paint.

Speaking of paint, it is the single ingredient in all these fantastic ideas that takes these tricks from ordinary to extraordinary. Because this Peg-Board (along with several of these other crafts) is placed in a bathroom, which has high humidity, or in a mudroom, which has high traffic, you'll need a paint that is durable and washable and that adheres to a variety of surfaces. We love Lowe's new Valspar Reserve paint (Lowe's, $44) for its versatility and resilience, no matter what surface we decide to apply it to.


Cutlery tray as jewelry holder

Cutlery tray

Photo credit: The DIY Mommy

Cutlery trays make ideal containers for jewelry, and because they can be hung vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they are a great use of whatever wall or door space you can spare. You can put only one of these trays in a drawer, but you can use multiple trays when hanging them.


Rock boot tray

Boot tray

Photo credit: Up Knörth

Boots put the mud in mudrooms, and spring is upon us. That means lots of little and big feet will be tracking wet dirt into our homes. This simple tray, filled with rocks, is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


Backpack hooks

Backpack hooks

Photo credit: Home and Garden Design Ideas

Using hooks for backpacks is not a new concept. However, using incredibly cute or interesting hooks — painted in vibrant colors — is. This idea can be adapted to suit individual families and children. You can go with a sign and pictures above the hooks, as shown in this example, or you can use bulletin boards for art projects or use chalkboard paint so that older kids can read and leave messages.


Ironing board on hooks

Ironing board on hooks

Photo credit: 11 Magnolia Lane

Let's be honest — there is nothing glamorous or sexy about ironing boards. They conjure up images of our grandmothers, in their starched dresses, spending hours upon hours ironing. If you are still in the habit of using an iron and ironing table, you can save space and add to the charm of your laundry room by hanging the ironing board from a couple of distinctive hooks.


Lost socks

Lost socks board

Photo credit: InspiredTradingCo via Etsy

Lost socks are the bane of every adult's existence. We may never solve the mystery of why socks go into the wash together but somehow lose each other before exiting the dryer. At least now you can display these poor, lost creatures in a way that will make them feel a little less pitiful.

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