What your patio chair style says about you

Apr 3, 2014 at 3:12 p.m. ET

In the market for a patio update? Choose wisely, young barbecuer!

So many chairs, so little patio space, right? We can help you narrow down your choices by giving you an inside look at what your selection will say about you when all your friends and family show up.

Sophisticated Lady

Wicher chair | Sheknows.com

You drink wine, don't you? You must if you're sophisticated enough to own a set of these gorgeous and comfy-looking wicker chairs. We bet you eat at the dining room table, too, and constantly have dinner parties. Yes, we're impressed.

Retro Chick

Retro chair | Sheknows.com

We still remember sitting in something similar when we'd visit our Mamaw's house. These vintage sitters are always brightly colored, just like you, pretty lady. What do you say we get out of here and go get matching pinup girl tattoos?

Big budget east-coaster

Adirondack chair | Sheknows.com

Fans of these wooden monstrosities usually come in two varieties: 1) The proud east-coaster or 2) The ready-to-retire. Unless you have one of those beach store specials with the pineapples carved from the top, Adirondacks seem to signify that you're an adult and you've been one for a while.

Hippie, hippie chic

Hippe egg chair | Sheknows.com

Ahhh, yes. We can practically smell the patchouli incense wafting out the front window. What's that you're reading while swinging in your egg? Siddhartha, you say? Makes sense. We'll leave you alone to fall asleep to the sound of your rain chain.

Big dreamer

Dining chair | Sheknows.com

You might be a newlywed or a single lady who just moved into her first big-girl apartment. You want something that screams, "I'm a responsible adult!" But you couldn't afford your first choice yet. These will do for now.

Frat boy fabulous

Camp chair | Sheknows.com

You're the exact opposite of the big dreamer. You might still be in college or you've just moved into your first crummy (and possibly unsafe) apartment. Camp chairs aren't patio furniture, but they're close enough. Plus, let's face it: You spend most of your time standing up at the beer pong table.

Member of the redneck yacht club

Just kidding! A step up from the camp chair, these plastic chairs are cheap and get the job done. Plus, they come in a million colors. Some people have a set of these on standby for when they run out of "real" patio chairs. For you, this is as real as it gets.

Whatever chair you have, there's no need to feel locked in. Our research shows that in most cases, the style of patio chair you own progresses and changes as you grow up. Camp chair today? Give it 40 years and you'll find yourself in an Adirondack. Just take time to enjoy all the chairs in between.

Plastic chair | Sheknows.com

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