10 Ingenious ways to hang a hammock

Apr 3, 2014 at 12:42 p.m. ET

Hammocks are the classic staple of relaxation. Whether they’re hung indoors or out, near the pool or in the wilderness, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in the macramé wonders. But hammocks don’t have to be simply hung. There are hundreds of ideas for what to do with the unique, rustic-looking material that will keep your decor and outdoors edgy, modern and fun.


Sitting section

Have you thought about bringing your traditional hammock indoors? It adds an outdoorsy feel and warmth to the room. This would be an especially good idea for beach homes, or if you’re simply feeling artsy.


Kitty corner

Kitty corner | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: Desiretoinspire.net

Cats love to get themselves into the weirdest places. Embrace your cat’s inner weirdo with this DIY coffee table hammock that’s hung under your favorite space so you and kitty can get some quality comfy time.


Beachy room divider

Beachy room divider | Sheknows.com

Think outside the box. The beautiful macramé material most hammocks are made from would make an excellent room divider or wall tapestry. Simply hang lengthwise and voila! You have a repurposed room divider on-the-cheap.


The perfect reading spot

Arbor hammock | Sheknows.com

Maybe your backyard doesn’t have the traditional two stumps, but that’s no excuse to not hang a hammock. If you’re feeling crafty, build your own arbor and hang a hammock in between.


Stuffed animal treehouse

Stuffed animal treehouse | Sheknows.com

How cute! Maybe your child wants her stuffed animals out in her room, but you don’t want to deal with the floor clutter. Worry no more! Those fluffy little critters are safe and sound in this super cute wall hanging hammock.


Give your yarn a rest

Give your yarn a rest | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: Ravelry.com

Smaller hammocks, typically sold for keeping fruit, can be used in a multitude of decor and design ideas. Here we have a small hammock holding yarn, which looks pretty when incorporated into the design of the room. Now your sewing room can look organized and crafty.


Hammock chair

Hammock chair | Sheknows.com

Maybe traditional hanging hammocks hurt your back, but there’s no reason to go without the fashionable look of a hammock with this DIY hammock-inspired swing that you can use indoors or out.


Make use of your attic

Make use of your attic | Sheknows.com

Let’s face it, your attic probably doesn’t get a lot of love. Make use of the space by creating a great, well-lit reading spot without springing for an expensive chair or couch. Hang the hammock from the walls and let your book and raised ceilings transport you to another world.


Luxe couch alternative

Luxe couch alternative | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: Frugalmaterialist.com

You’re in the lap of luxury now! This traditional hammock is lined with a fluffy, animal-skin inspired vegan textile that’s oh-so-soft and beautiful. It’s the perfect way to give the outdoor sitting space an indoor touch.


Bunk bed on-the-fly

Bunk bed on-the-fly | Sheknows.com

Maybe you don’t have the cash for a traditional bunk bed, but by hanging a sturdy hammock material from the walls, you can create your very own bunk bed with little time and effort.

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