10 Easy ways to perk up your patio

Mar 4, 2014 at 5:12 p.m. ET

Get your outdoor space ready for the new season by making small, inexpensive updates. Check out these 10 stylish ideas for sprucing up your patio, and create an outdoor sanctuary that is bright, colorful, and inviting!


Paint can DIY lights

Paint can DIY lights | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: lowes.com

Round up the kids for a family craft night to create these cute and clever paint can lights. You handle the drilling and priming, and leave the painting to the kiddos. They’ll add some personality to your patio, and just enough soft lighting to relax after a long day. Check out the tutorial >


Cozy decorative

Cozy decorative pillows | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: marthastewart.com

Get out your sewing machine — this one’s easy! Create some brightly colored outdoor pillows out of those tablecloths you never use. Pillows will cozy up your outdoor seating area and add an extra punch of color. Check out the DIY >


Recycled wine bottle
tiki torch

Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torch | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: gerardotandco.com

If ever you needed an excuse to drink more wine, here you go! Store up your empty wine bottles and transform them into these stunning wall-mounted tiki torches. They’re sure to add just the right ambiance to your next alfresco get-together. Get started now >


Garden hose wreath

Graden hose wreath | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: createcraftlove.com

Wreaths aren’t just for the front door! Brighten your patio door with this clever garden hose wreath from Create Craft Love. Make your own with their simple tutorial >


Backyard tepee

Backyard TeePee | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: sunset.com

Thrill the kids by creating a backyard tepee retreat all their own. Furnish it with a heavy-duty quilt, books, dominos and art supplies, and watch their imaginations go wild! It’s easy to build — find out how >


Table with beverage cooler

Table with Beverage Cooler | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: ana-white.com

Your patio just became the new hangout with this conversation-starter table with a built-in beverage cooler. Serve ‘em up nice and cold, and allow your guests to help themselves with this creative dual-purpose design. Check out the tutorial >


Grill flower pot

Grill Flower Pot | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: Hometalk/facebook.com

Plant flowers to add life and color to your patio, and add an extra visual interest by getting creative. You probably have your eye on a new fancy grill anyway, so use your old one as a planter — it gives you the perfect excuse to splurge!



Cabana | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: sunset.com

Those Pinterest-inspired cocktails and apps don’t have quite the impact when served up on your dingy patio table. Transform your dining area into a luscious lounge. Sunset provides a cabana tutorial that can be created for less than $300 with the help of a little elbow grease.


Vertical herb garden

Vertical Herb Garden | Sheknows.com

Add color and a touch of freshness to your patio by creating an herb garden. With plenty of designs, from raised to vertical, you can keep space requirements down to a minimum. Find the right design for your space >


Paint old furniture

Paint Old Furniture | Sheknows.com

Breathe some new life into that faded, old, sad furniture on your patio by giving your pieces an update. Repaint with the bright colors of the season and pour yourself a nice glass of wine — you deserve it — you just saved yourself a ton of cash by refurbishing instead of buying brand new!

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