20 Playful rugs for winter

Sometimes you just need a change of pace. What better way to do that than with something soft under your feet?

You’ve already rolled up the rug so you can rock around the Christmas tree, right? (Go with it!) Why not keep it stashed in the attic a little longer and change things up again? A change of pace can offer a fresh perspective during these dreary winter months.

Throw rugs

Please don't leave!

Please don’t leave

A little heartbreaking and a little cheeky, this sweet rug would be perfect to sit just inside your door for people to read as they make their way out of the house. (Urban Outfitters, $12)

Owls on a wire

Owls on a wire

Brighten up the space in front of the kitchen or bathroom sink with this cheerful rug. It’s a real hoot! (Garnet Hill, $68)

Melted stripes

Melted stripes

The warm colors and wacky vibe of this rug might just be the perfect addition under your reading chair. It’s too cold to go out. Make the inside more fun. (Overstock, $63)

Zipper rug


Remind guests and kiddos to take those stuffy coats off with a fun zipper rug in front of the coat closet. Bonus: The purple or black colors won’t show as many winter sludge stains. (Ikea, $25)

Blue and wintery

Blue and wintery

This distressed print-block pattern reminds us of snowflakes. The busy pattern makes it perfect for just inside the back door or in a blue and white kitchen. (Joss and Main, $21)

Who's watching?

Who’s watching?

What do you see here? Looks like a few friendly sets of owl eyes to us. The color scheme will help it easily transition from winter to spring. (Joss and Main, $47)

Nice underpants

Nice underpants

Keep tootsies warm and bring the laughs with this cheeky rug in front of your ‘loo! (Urban Outfitters, $19)

Barcode-reader not required

Barcode reader not required

Show off your sense of humor with this priceless piece of tufted comfort. Ready to go indoors or out! (Amazon, $24)

Bright pink and brown flowers

Bright pink flowers

Girlie girls everywhere are scrunching their noses at all the blues, greens, grays and blacks of winter. We know. This dark rug adds a pop of magenta to keep them happy and out of the laundry room. (Target, $25-50)

Floral sketch

Floral sketch

What’s not to love about this groovy floral rug? No matter where you put it, it’s sure to add a smile to those chattering teeth. (Overstock, $88)

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