25 Winter bathroom accessories under $20

Your bathroom is an important part of your daily routine — it’s where you get ready in the morning and where you relax in a warm bath at the end of a long day. And during the winter, there’s nothing better than a toasty and comfy bathroom retreat. Here are 25 must-have accessories for less than $20 for your bathroom this winter.


Roll-A-Lotion Body Lotion Applicator

Roll-A-Lotion Body Lotion Applicator

Dry skin is common in the winter, so when it’s difficult to reach dry spots like your back, try this Roll-A-Lotion Body Lotion Applicator. (Bed Bath and Beyond, $10)


Charmin Ultra Soft toilet tissue

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue

Embrace your soft side with this ultra soft bath tissue. (Amazon, $6 and up)


Bottomless Bath Overflow drain cover

Bottomless Bath Overflow drain cover

Don’t sell your bathtub short with this drain cover that allows for up to 60 percent more water and keeps temps warmer longer. (Amazon, $6)


Color Changing LED showerhead

Color Changing LED showerhead

This Color Changing LED showerhead brings color to your bathroom during gray winter days. (Amazon, $9)


Plush robe

Plush Robe

Stay warm and cozy with this Faded Glory Plush Robe, perfect for those cold winter mornings and nights! (Walmart, $18)


3-wick candle

Winter 3-Wick Candle

This winter candle featuring ice skaters will bring a warm and inviting scent to your bathroom while reminding you of winter fun. (Bath & Body Works, $10)


Splash Home Tree shower curtain

Splash Home Tree shower curtain

It’s easy to miss the beauty of nature during the winter, but this shower curtain brings the outdoors to you. (Amazon, $10)


Forest Elegance votive holder

Forest Elegance votive holder

Bring elegance to your bathroom with this Forest Elegance votive candle holder, featuring sparkling pine cones and boughs. (Yankee Candle, $4)


Decorative Wallflowers Fragrance Bulb

Decorative Wallflowers Fragrance Bulb

This Twisted Peppermint Decorative Wallflowers Fragrance Bulb will scent your bathroom and celebrate the winter season at the same time. (Bath & Body Works, $3)


Touchless automatic liquid soap dispenser

Touchless Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Keep the flu bug at bay with this Trademark Home Touchless Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser. (Walmart, $15)


Microwavable slippers

Microwavable Slippers

That’s right — you can microwave these slippers, called Hot Booties, which will give you up to an hour of continuous warmth. (Bed Bath and Beyond, $15)


Cotton swab dispenser

Cotton Swab Dispenser

Have cotton swabs all over the bottom of your closet? This cotton swab dispenser is the perfect solution. (Bed Bath and Beyond, $4)


Enchanted Evergreen hand soap

Enchanted Evergreen hand soap

Leave bath goers with a fresh evergreen scent on their hands with this Enchanted Evergreen hand soap. (Bath & Body Works, $5)


My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater

My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater

Warm your personal space in your bathroom as you get ready in the early cold morning with this ceramic heater. (Amazon, $19)


Fog Away Suction

Fog Away Suction Mirror

Need to put on your makeup but can’t get rid of the steam from your hot shower? Try this InterDesign Fog Away Suction Mirror, which can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. (Amazon, $12)


Thinner Portable Digital Scale

Thinner Portable Digital Scale

Traveling this winter for work or vacation? This Thinner Portable Digital Scale by Conair makes keeping track of your weight easy while on the go. (Bed Bath and Beyond, $20)


Dry Skin Hand Cream

Dry Skin Hand Cream

This Pre de Provence Lavender Dry Skin Hand Cream will take care of all your dry skin needs this winter. (Bed Bath and Beyond, $5 and up)


Season of Peace candles

Season of Peace candles

Bring the scent of winter into the bathroom with these Season of Peace candles by Yankee Candle. (Yankee Candle, $6 and up)


Single-serve coffee maker

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Need that cup of coffee right away? This Single Serve Coffee Maker by Black & Decker might be the answer. Perfect for the bathroom because of its small size, this coffee maker that comes with its own cup will get your day started. (Walmart, $19)


6-piece bath towel set

6-piece Bath Towel Set

Stay warm and dry off with this 6-piece bath towel set by Divatex. Luxurious and 100 percent cotton, this set comes in many different colors. (Walmart, $20)


Axis Scarf Holder

Axis Scarf Holder

Before you walk out the door, grab a scarf from this handy interDesign Axis Scarf Holder. (Amazon, $10)


Snowflake towel

Snowflake Towel

Surprise your guests with this cheerful Silver Snowflake Embroidered Tea Towel. (Amazon, $9)


Mini candle luminary

Mini Candle Luminary

Add some cuteness to your bathroom this winter with this Windblown Snowman Mini Candle Luminary. (Bath & Body Works, $7)


Snowflake cutouts

Snowflake Cutouts

Silver snowflakes are glistening in this Wallflowers Fragrance Plug. (Bath & Body Works, $6.50)


Snowman shower curtain hooks

No need to go outside to see snowmen. These adorable Snow Band Shower Curtain Hooks will bling up your bathroom and bring smiles to visitors’ faces. (Amazon, $6)

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