Custom-embroidered chef hats

We love our budding chefs, don’t we? Encourage the cook to get back into the kitchen and make us some dinner by presenting him with a personalized chef’s hat.

Your favorite cook deserves to step up to the stove in style. We’re here to help you gift him with just the right option for his taste or your budget. Pop one of these chef’s hats on his head and make him feel like he belongs on the line next to Ramsay or Ripert.

Happy Chef

The most hat styles

Unbelievably, there are more chef’s-hat options than just the Chef Boyardee variety. Happy Chef offers more than two dozen styles of hats in an array of colors and allows up to three lines of embroidery (for an extra $5 per line). This is the hat for your most fashion-conscious chef (Happy Chef, $5 and up).

Hat and apron for kids

Hat and apron for kids

Cooking kiddos deserve to be rewarded for their hard work in the kitchen. Do so by getting them a pint-sized hat-and-apron set. Personalized and adorned with a chef’s-hat graphic, they come in light pink or black fabric and tons of thread-color options. Pop a coordinating spatula and some cupcake papers into the pocket, just to complete the look (Etsy, $37).

Hat-and-apron set (with a logo)

Chef's Emporium

Chef's Emporium apron

Go the whole nine yards with a hat-and-apron combo in basic colors like black, white and red. You could even design a logo for your family, and Chef’s Emporium will add that to the custom job, too. Fancy schmancy (Chef’s Emporium, $7-$30, with embroidery).

Stitch America

For the whole family

Are you planning a big family reunion–style chili cook-off this holiday season? Design a logo or just go with a last name and have it embroidered on chef’s hats for the entire family. These come in white, black, red and pink. Don’t forget to get a photo with the whole family all decked out in their hats (Stitch America, $15).

super-cool apron

For the expert griller

This super-cool apron starts as a tote bag but unfolds to reveal an apron with pockets that hold everything you need while you’re manning the grill: oven mitt, spatula, tongs and fork. Add monograms or whole names in a brightly colored thread, and you’re sure to impress the recipient (Mrs. Monogram, $37).

Hat-and-apron set (with tons of colors)

For something more fashionable or trendy, head to Etsy. Tons of people exist on Etsy with the purpose of using their embroidering sewing machines to profit from your gifting whims. They also tend to offer more colors for hats and aprons as well as for thread, and they are far more willing to go the extra mile when customizing (Etsy, $41).

With any of these options, your little baker or trusty dinner maker will be one seriously cute chef this season and throughout the next year.

Hat-and-apron set


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