6 Custom knife sets for the home chef

When it comes to cooking accessories, it seems like everyone always wants a better set of knives. So why not splurge and help out a home chef by getting her something practical and beautiful?

Top-rated chefs will always choose different brand names for their must-have knives, but home chefs mostly just want something that looks nice on their countertop or in a drawer. The best option might be to buy a whole set, but that could get expensive. Another idea is to purchase one new, high-quality knife at a time, starting with the most recommended. No matter how you go about your knife buying, make sure you help the recipient chop in style with these gorgeous knife sets.

Custom Cutlery

Custom Cutlery

These knife craftsmen offer beautiful, wood-handled knife sets with high value. If your favorite chef has an affinity for hot pink, Custom Cutlery has a set of stained handles that will make Barbie jealous. No matter what color combo you choose, the wood grains show through, letting users and gawkers know these knives are the real deal (Custom Cutlery, $472-$557 per set).

New West Knifeworks

New West KnifeWorks

If you want even more colorful wood options, try the knives at New West. Sold individually or in sets, these handcrafted chopping machines are both beautiful and lethal. And, while stuck in the knife block, they introduce a rainbow of brightness onto anyone’s countertop. Get your home chef a new knife for each special occasion (New West KnifeWorks, $95-$279 per knife).

Executive Chef's carving knife set

Executive Chef’s carving knife set

Technically, these are advertised as executive gifts, but why not order one for a loved one? For someone who enjoys the thrill of carving into a bird or a hunk of beef, this beautifully wooden box set of quality carving utensils would be perfect. Order it with the recipient’s name engraved on the box or do a last name only to create a new family heirloom (Hanson Ellis, $40).

Gunter Wilhelm steak knives

Gunter Wilhelm steak knives

One shouldn’t skimp on the steak knives either, you know. Since most people do skimp on the steak knives, it doesn’t take much to feel like you have something special. While you can’t personalize this Gunter Wilhelm set, the knives’ weight, shape and design will feel leaps and bounds more distinctive than what most guests are given (Gunter Wilhelm, $189).

Zwilling J.A. Henckels set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels set

These gorgeous high-carbon stainless steel knives are the best you’ll find on your trip to the mall. The set comes with all of our suggested options, including the new, popular santoku blade. Once you have these knives in your possession, take them to an engraving shop to have each handle (or just one) engraved with their new owner’s name. Consider engraving each knife to write out a message of love (Williams-Sonoma, $765).

NHB Knifeworks with resin handles

NHB KnifeWorks with resin handles

You’ll need to buy each of these knives separately, but you can still create your own unique three-piece knife set from the various choices from NHB KnifeWorks, LLC. The company offers wood-handled knives, but it also offers a more vibrant span of colors when you opt for the resin handles. Mix and match your chef’s favorite colors to make a custom set with a paring knife, a midsize petty knife and a chef’s knife (NHB KnifeWorks, LLC, starting at $149).


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