2011 Asian-inspired decor trends

A guide to the hottest Asian-inspired decor trends for 2011. Maybe it’s the popularity of Eat. Pray. Love. that’s given rise to this season’s trends of calming, Eastern-inspired decor. Or perhaps, a desire to take a break from hectic, stressful schedules with cool, calming colors. This season, borrow trends from your favorite yoga studios. Look to cool, serene colors like lime green and honeysuckle and revel in Buddha-inspired decor. A combination of simple colors and textures with exotic pieces can create a Zen environment anywhere.

Asian-Inspired DecorLucky trees and plants

While plans are a popular decoration in many homes, there are a few plant varieties that are believed to be lucky. For example, in some Eastern cultures, bamboo plants symbolize good fortune in health and wealth. In Japan, Jasper trees are known to bring good luck, promote healing and keep negative energy away.

Water fountains

The sound of flowing water has been proven to help promote calmness and relaxation. There are numerous water fountains, many that are designed to fit on your tabletop that can bring a peaceful ambience to your home. Bamboo fountains are an eco-friendly way to spread good fortune throughout your home, as bamboo is believed to bring good positivity and good luck into relationships and money. Some fountains feature decorative rocks and a resin bowl to add a charming touch of earthiness and elegance to your home.

Channel BUDDHA

Home designers know that one of the simplest ways to make a room more peaceful is with a touch of Eastern elegance. You can create an oriental ambiance in any room with the simple addition of a Buddha statue. Side tables and desks are perfect places for these statues, which symbolize peace and tranquility.

Zen Color Combinations

When planning your Eastern-inspired room decor, it’s important to choose colors that reflect Asian design. For a more dramatic statement, opt for black, crimson red and gold. For a calmer atmosphere in rooms, such as bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens, call upo shades of jade green, lavender and light yellow. To channel China, bring their beloved cherry blossoms to life with pinks, deep browns and greys.


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