Declutter your coffee table

When you bought your living room coffee table, you probably didn’t envision it piled with magazines, mail, remote controls and kids’ toys.

Cluttered Coffee TableUSE BASKETS

Baskets are an inexpensive, flexible solution for organizing any room. With many materials and styles to choose from, it’s easy to find one that matches your home decor. Ideally, find one that fits inconspicuously underneath your coffee to openly store magazines, mail and sundries – anything that clutters the tops of your table.

Don’t overlook books

Some designers and homeowners find coffee table books to be an outdated, inefficient use of space. Others, however relish the idea of displaying attractive picture books on hand to showcase your favorite hobbies, like art, cooking or cinema. Books don’t have to be space-wasters; they can be a part of your room design. Choose coffee table books in colors that appropriately match your style and decor and they’ll fit right in – whether you read them regularly or not.

Coast to Coast

Even if you’ve long since had a no-coaster policy in your living room or TV area, that is all about to change. There are plenty of attractive coasters in a variety of textures and materials – from fabrics to glass to cork. You can stash coasters in neat holsters so that they’ll look like part of your decor – and be sure to wash them regulary according to care instructions so they don’t get sticky with condensation from beverages.

Control the remote

With the plethora of home entertainment technology that graces most homes today, it’s not unusual for a household to have 3-4 remote controls per room. Remote controls are not only pesky when they hide behind sofa cushions, but when they clutter your coffee table. Between the TV remote, the DVD remote, the DVR remote and the stereo remote, opt for a faux-leather caddy – or even a simple basket – to corrall your remote controls into one place.


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