5 Fast closet fixes

There’s no need to wait for spring. If you’ve ever stared into your tiny closet wishing that your closet design was a little bit more Carrie Bradshaw and a little less high school locker, then it’s time to give your closets a makeover. No matter how tiny your space or how packed your sweater shelf, with a little bit of organization, a little bit of planning and a lot of patience, you can free up some precious closet real estate and get yourself organized once and for all.

5 Fast Closet Fixes - Messy ClosetThink vertical

Stand in your closet and look up. If you see empty space, take the opportunity to hang hooks on side walls for your scarves, belts and umbrellas. If your closet has high ceilings, look for nooks and crannies to fit small shelves where you can house purses, accessories or even special-occasion lingerie.

Switch your wardrobe seasonally

If you live in a part of the country that calls for gloves and scarves in the winter and bathing suits for July, then you should probably consider swapping your wardrobe from your closet at least twice a year. If you’re not going to need cashmere in the spring and summer or can’t imagine wearing light khakis in December, designate a different room in your house — such as the basement or garage — to store your alternate weather wardrobe. If you don’t have the extra storage space in your home, consider renting a small storage unit — staying organized might be worth the cost.

Opt for adjustable

If you have a tall, narrow closet, you might be able to create new space with adjustable shelves that can grow with your wardrobe. Whether you’re hanging sundresses or need extra shelving for stacking sweaters, shelves that you can move are your best bet. Look for shelves with simple screws or attachments so that installation will be simple.

Throw it out!

If your closet is packed to the brim — or even overflowing into other closets in your home — it’s probably time to start purging. Abide by the one-year rule: if you haven’t worn, used or touched an item in a full year, throw it out or give it away. When you donate to certain charities, not only will someone in need benefit from your generosity, but you may be able to write off your donation as a tax deduction.


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