Hot home office accessories

Odds are that your home office already includes the basic necessities such as a desk, chair, computer or laptop, and a bookshelf or filing cabinet. But what about the extra accessories that can make your office a more efficient, better looking space? Do you even know what else your office may need?

Here are a few items that can make your workspace feel even more comfortable and organized.


Peter Walsh You Organized Modular Calendar Board

Peter Walsh You Organized Modular Calendar Board, $39.99

Better manage deadlines, to-do lists, and monthly activities with this versatile accessory. It functions as a dry-erase board and includes six removable weekly calendar strips that allow you to personalize the board based on your tastes and needs. The board (shown on the lower right corner) looks great when hung on its own, but will look even better when paired with other message board accessories in the Peter Walsh You Organized collection from OfficeMax.


Toddy Smart ClothToddy Smart Cloth, $14.95 (5 x 7-inches), or $16.95 (9 x 9-inches)

After investing a great deal of money on high-tech gadgets, you certainly don’t want to see them covered in smudges, dust, or grime. Made of 100 percent premium microfiber, the Toddy Smart Cloth is ideal for keeping your gadgets polished and germ-free. It can be used to clean iPads, iPhones, cameras, camcorders, and the screens of GPS units, televisions, and computer monitors.


Wexel FramesWexel Frames, prices vary

After easily mounting one of these magnetic frames on your office wall, you’ll be able to swap out what’s showcased behind it in a matter of seconds. Because they can be customized so quickly and conveniently, Wexel Frames are ideal for serving as concept boards or displaying calendars, business cards, memos, photos, artwork, and more.


AUTOSEAL® Stainless Steel Mug from Contigo®AUTOSEAL® Stainless Steel Mug from Contigo®, $19.99

Ever drenched your keyboard with pop or spilled coffee all over a stack of papers? If so, you’ll appreciate a mug that’s been specifically designed to prevent spills. A special closing mechanism allows liquid to leave this mug only after the release button is pushed. When the button is released, the mug immediately seals shut. In addition, the mug keeps beverages hot for an average of four hours and cold up to 12 hours.


Reisenthel Storage Boxes

Reisenthel Storage Boxes,
$12.99 (small), $14.99 (medium), or $19.99 (large)

Say goodbye to office clutter with these stylish storage solutions. Not only do these gorgeous storage boxes keep files, supplies, gadgets, and more out of sight, they look fabulous sitting on a shelf, lined up in the closet, or propped next to your desk. Who knew organization could look so fun and chic?


Silver Desktop Dry-Erase BoardSilver Desktop Dry-Erase Board, $14

Imagine how much paper you waste jotting down notes. With this desktop-friendly dry-erase board, you can significantly cut back on that amount. Plus, the board’s stainless steel look will tie in well with other high-tech accessories placed around your desk.


Jonathan Adler Desktop Dock OrganizerJonathan Adler Desktop Dock Organizer, $25

This trendy desktop organizer provides a great solution to hide unsightly cords from gadgets such as your iPhone, iPod, cell phone, or camera. It even includes a front drawer and a slot for stashing paper and pens. It’s stylish. It’s convenient. It’s just the accessory you need for a new and improved workspace.




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