Easy ways to re-energize your home

If you don’t have the budget, time or patience to renovate your entire home, you can easily make subtle updates that reflect your family’s personal style. Whether you’re craving a home with newer, more sophisticated appliances or embellishments to your home’s decor, some updates are costlier than others. Whether you’re planning room-by-room renovations or a major overhaul, can often do the work yourself to add energy and flair to your existing style.

Paint An Accent WallPaint an accent wall

To add a splash of color and energy to any room, opt for a bright, super durable paint, like those from Valspar, which are said to have more color accuracy (read: the paint chip matches the actual color). Durable paints are also UV resistant (read: guaranteed not to fade with sunlight) so it will last longer, giving you more cost value.


Practice Feng ShuiPractice Feng Shui

Rearranging your rooms is one of the simplest, easiest ways to refresh your design – and move more positive energy into your home. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, is believed to use the law of Earth and the law of Heaven to help improve ones life. Rearranging your furniture is said to improve energy flow in a room. Start by reading The Principles of Feng Shui by Larry Sang, which will help you get started.

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Install new appliancesInstall new appliances

If you want to give your kitchen a face lift, you don’t need to buy pricey new large appliances like refrigerators and cooking ranges. Opt for a new kitchen faucet or replace the knobs on your cabinetry. Sometimes small changes can make big differences.

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Refinish your furnitureRefinish your furniture

Instead of discarding old pieces of furniture and replacing them with newer models, give your existing furniture a quick makeover. You can purchase colorful slipcovers to add some pizzazz to plain pieces or sew your own in darker hues to hide overwhelming floral prints. For wooden pieces, learn how to distress anything, from contemporary pieces to older antiques for a vintage look.

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Replace (some) kitchen cabinetsReplace (some) kitchen cabinets

If you’re not up for a full kitchen renovation, replace half of your existing kitchen cabinets with a contrasting tone of wood. According to the Lowe’s Fresh Home Blog, the combination of pine and cherry, can make your kitchen look eclectic versatile – especially with the addition of a great backsplash.

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Do it yourself!

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