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Sep 22, 2010 at 5:15 p.m. ET

If you’re like most women you probably put more thought into selecting the outfit you’re wearing than you did in choosing the sheets and bedding for your home. Perhaps you were short on time; maybe a tight budget constrained your options; or, perhaps you simply underestimated the impact great bedding can have on your home decor and on your level of comfort.

"No matter how much you like something, you have to love the way it feels. You are going to be spending more time laying in it than looking at it," says celebrity designer Angelo Surmelis, who has appeared on hit television shows like TLC's "Clean Sweep" and Lifetime's "Merge."

Mind the thread count and ply

You probably already know that higher thread counts indicate higher-quality sheets. But are you aware that the ply of your fabric also is an important component of high-quality bedding? Herman Tam, group vice president of sales and marketing for Legget & Platt® Consumer Products Group explains:

"Single-ply is preferred over two-ply. The ply of the fabric refers to how many threads are wrapped together into a single thread. Single-ply fabrics use threads on their own, while two-ply fabrics twist two pieces together. If you purchased 600 thread-count sheets with two-ply yarn, two yarns have been twisted together and woven to create the illusion of a higher thread count. So a 600 thread-count sheet may in all likelihood be a true 300 thread count, as it may have been woven using two-ply yarn."

Wamsutta Luxury Sateen Sheets

These 1,000 thread-count sheets ranked first in "Consumer Reports" most recent bedding tests.

Recommended: Leggett & Platt® Home Collection™ 400 Thread Count Sheet Set with RestAssured™ Easy-Fit Corner Pockets

Guaranteed to stay in place over any mattress up to 18-inches deep, this set is made of 100 percent Egyptian single-ply cotton and has a soft sateen weave.

Eco-friendly is in

"In response to the green design movement, we are seeing more bedding being produced with environmentally friendly fibers like bamboo, as well as organic weaves of cotton and linen. All fibers mentioned are soft, long wearing and come in a variety of colors," says Laura Ingalls Gunn, author of the "Decor to Adore" blog.

DreamSacks BambooDreams Sheet Set


Made from 100 percent viscose from sustainable bamboo, these sheets are ultra soft and carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This certification ensures the safety of fabric and dyes and provides assurances of eco-friendly production methods.

Coyuchi Flannel SheetsCoyunchi

Woven from 100 percent organic cotton, these thick and cozy sheets are ideal for people who favor a great deal of warmth when they snuggle into bed.

You get what you pay for

"Think of luxurious bedding as an investment in your sleep," says Melinda Bahlinger, vice president of Visual Merchandising and Store Planning at Robb & Stucky Interiors. "Bedding will last a lifetime if properly cared for."


Peacock Alley's Virtouso Sheetspeacock alley

"If you really want to indulge, surround yourself in luxury with Peacock Alley's signature Couture Virtuoso sheeting," says Debbie Moore, an interior and exterior design consultant for Moore Décor.

These 100% Egyptian cotton, 600 thread-count sateen sheets are embellished with a double row of hemstitching.

Bedding basics

A soft, pale color palette is safe

According to Moore, people have begun to tone down the color of their bedding.

"I'm finding that people want a classic look: crisp, soft, organic cotton, and inviting colors. Pale colors are at the top of the list. The bold colors are being used on the walls and in décor accents," she explains.


pureDKNY Pure Comfort Rainwater Bedding pureDKNY Collection

For a gentle splash of color in your bedroom, opt for sets in soft hues like this collection's soothing shade of aqua.

Steer clear of pink and go with gray

"Shopping for Mr. Right? Leave anything pink, frilly, or fussy in the linen closet," says Laurie March, an interior designer from Los Angeles, California.

Instead, consider colors that are more general neutral, such as gray.

"Shades of gray are sophisticated and serene—perfect for a bedroom—and work like a neutral in decorating schemes. Combined with yellows, purples, pinks, ivories, and crisp whites, gray is anything but gloomy," says Susan Matthews, an interior decorator and on-air lifestyle expert for QVC.


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