Experts weigh in: Summer colors that last all year

Jul 1, 2013 at 3:05 a.m. ET

Are you planning a new color scheme for your home? Should you choose a trendy, seasonal color, or play it safe with something more neutral?

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Seasonal colors are a lot of fun, especially when you’re using them to decorate your house, but they can be scary too. Changing colors is a big commitment, and no one wants to waste their time or money on a trend that will pass with the season. So what colors will last beyond the season at hand? Top design experts took a moment to share their advice with SheKnows.


Designer Karen Musick from Divas N' Design says orange is a great summer color that can last all year long. She says the key is selecting the right shade of orange, and advises you to go with a burnt orange, instead of a super bright hue. In the spring and summer, pair it with yellows and pinks to brighten the room, and then swap those out for gold, burgundy and other jewel tones when fall arrives.

Switching out the vases on your mantel is an easy change that will make a huge impact. In the warmer months, rock out a bright pink vase like the Camelia Avenue Posy Vase by Kate Spade (, $25) and then trade it out for something like this golden Echo Vase (Z Gallery, $40).

kate vase pink

Gold vase


Yellow is another simple color to change throughout the year, and we love it because it pairs so easily with so many different colors. In the warmer months, pair it with bright orange, pink, turquoise or bright green. When the weather cools, switch those out for red, rusty orange or gray.

To update your yellow room's look for the season, simply swap out your throw pillows. Use a bright teal pillow (Bed, Bath and Beyond, $40) in the summer, and this jewel-toned polka dotted piece (Pier 1, $35) in the fall and winter.

blue pillow

Dot pillow

Emerald green

Caitlin Murray of Caitlin and Caitlin is a big fan of using new paint colors to freshen up a room, and says emerald green is the perfect color to use year-round. "It's bright and summery but also bold and versatile enough to hold its own from fall to spring," she says. Pair it with light blue, yellow or lavender in the summer months, and then swap that out for gray or shades of beige in the fall.

An interesting throw rug can serve as the centerpiece for your whole room. In the spring and summer, use this lavender rug (Pottery Barn Kids, starting at $125) to set the tone for your emerald room, but switch out for a crisp, gray version (Crate and Barrel, $599) in the fall and winter.

Purple rug

Grey rug


Navy is one of the simplest colors to work with. Though it’s a color, it actually works as a bit of a neutral. In the summer months, brighten it up by pairing it with orange or yellow, and then tone it down in the fall and winter by using it with beige, white or brown.

Decorate your couch, chair or bed with a bright orange blanket like this light chevron throw (World Market, $30), and then snuggle up with a beige throw like this cozy Ursula throw from Ikea (Ikea, $30).

Orange blanket

beige throw blanket

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