101 Pumpkin carving ideas

by SheKnows
Sep 15, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Look like the ultimate pumpkin carving master with this shaved and carved pineapple creation.

1 /100: Little Mermaid

1/100 :Little Mermaid

Do you have a love for Disney? Then go under the sea with Ariel's beautiful facial outline.

2 /100: Pumpkin selfie

2/100 :Pumpkin selfie

Who needs a selfie on social media when you can carve a selfie. Wink at the camera and carve away for the ultimate masterpiece.

3 /100: Monster-tastic

3/100 :Monster-tastic

What's more scarier than a monster? Nothing. Carve this little creature out for instant screams.

4 /100: Lady in waiting

4/100 :Lady in waiting

Create a beautiful lady in waiting to greet your tick-or-treater's at the door. This pumpkin design is made with paint and a few carvings for a unique design.

5 /100: Little creer

5/100 :Little creer

Turn your tiny pumpkin's into little criers! And don't forget the giant schnoz for a dramatic effect.

6 /100: Fishie out of water