101 Pumpkin carving ideas

by SheKnows
Sep 15, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Look like the ultimate pumpkin carving master with this shaved and carved pineapple creation.

1 /100: Little Mermaid

1/100 :Little Mermaid

Do you have a love for Disney? Then go under the sea with Ariel's beautiful facial outline.

2 /100: Pumpkin selfie

2/100 :Pumpkin selfie

Who needs a selfie on social media when you can carve a selfie. Wink at the camera and carve away for the ultimate masterpiece.

3 /100: Monster-tastic

3/100 :Monster-tastic

What's more scarier than a monster? Nothing. Carve this little creature out for instant screams.

4 /100: Lady in waiting

4/100 :Lady in waiting

Create a beautiful lady in waiting to greet your tick-or-treater's at the door. This pumpkin design is made with paint and a few carvings for a unique design.

5 /100: Little creer

5/100 :Little creer

Turn your tiny pumpkin's into little criers! And don't forget the giant schnoz for a dramatic effect.

6 /100: Fishie out of water

6/100 :Fishie out of water

Ever notice the pumpkin's resemblance to a fish bowl? This carver did! Add a fish jumping out of water for a fun look.

7 /100: Snickering ghost

7/100 :Snickering ghost

A traditional staple of Halloween, the snickering ghost is a sure win for any pumpkin design.

8 /100: Evil face

8/100 :Evil face

Another traditional look is this evil faced pumpkin. Big eyes and an evil zig zag smile makes this guy someone to fear.

9 /100: This one's for the birds

9/100 :This one's for the birds

A great Halloween movie tribute, we'll give this pumpkin to The Birds.

10 /100: Terrifying tiger

10/100 :Terrifying tiger

If you saw this guy in the wild, you would probably be terrified. So why not add him to the face of a pumpkin.

11 /100: Halloween house

11/100 :Halloween house

A simple idea, but difficult design; this Halloween house is awesome for any pumpkin's surface.

12 /100: Hoot hoot

12/100 :Hoot hoot

Give your visitor's a hoot with this intricate owl design.

13 /100: Day of the Dead

13/100 :Day of the Dead

A Day of the Dead design on a white pumpkin couldn't look any more frightening on Halloween night.

14 /100: Lady vampire

14/100 :Lady vampire

Pay tribute to the fear that a lady vampire can bring with this fun carve.

15 /100: Growling guy

15/100 :Growling guy

Growl and grumble at guests with this guy sitting on your doorstep.

16 /100: Kitty play

16/100 :Kitty play

Have fun with this cute little kitty playing on and on top of a silly pumpkin.

17 /100: Dancing flame

17/100 :Dancing flame

Let your flame dance the night away with this delicate pumpkin.

18 /100: Breaking Bad

18/100 :Breaking Bad

Honor the last season of Breaking Bad with the man himself carved onto your pumpkin.

19 /100: We've got a puker

19/100 :We've got a puker

Allow your pumpkin to spill his guts? literally? this Halloween.

20 /100: My Little Pony

20/100 :My Little Pony

Show your 80's love with the face of Rainbowdash from My Little Pony.

21 /100: Axed his head

21/100 :Axed his head

Create an ironic scene with a little guy axing of another pumpkin's head!

22 /100: He's arched

22/100 :He's arched

This kitty is fearing the moonlight with an arched back.

23 /100: Good ol' Frankie

23/100 :Good ol' Frankie

Halloween is not complete until you see good ol' Frankie's face on a pumpkin.

24 /100: The Legend of Zelda

24/100 :The Legend of Zelda

Love yourself some video games, pay homage with the Legend of Zelda.

25 /100: Nightmare Before Christmas

25/100 :Nightmare Before Christmas

What is Halloween but an absolute Nightmare Before Christmas?

26 /100: Dia De Los Muertos

26/100 :Dia De Los Muertos

A simple and goergous design is this tribute to Dia De Los Muertos with a beautiful skeleton!

27 /100: Moon howl

27/100 :Moon howl

Howl at the Halloween moon with this wolf design.

28 /100: Haunted house

28/100 :Haunted house

So, you may not have a Halloween house, but you can certainly have one on a pumpkin!

29 /100: Grinch who stole Halloween

29/100 :Grinch who stole Halloween

He may be a staple of Christmas, but this grinch looks pretty fitting for Halloween as well!

30 /100: Stairway to hell

30/100 :Stairway to hell

An ironic design, it looks like this little guy isn't climbing his way to Heaven on Halloween night.

31 /100: Behind bars

31/100 :Behind bars

This pumpkin is looking terrified of being locked up under the eye of a black cat!

32 /100: Big and little monster

32/100 :Big and little monster

Show off your skills with a monster pumpkin taking a lick at a little guy.

33 /100: All in one

33/100 :All in one

Another pumpkin taking a chomp at a little pumpkin, this is all in an all in one creation.

34 /100: Getting leafy with it

34/100 :Getting leafy with it

Turn your pumpkin into a picture of beauty by carving leaf designs by her stem.

35 /100: The old tree

35/100 :The old tree

Halloween just isn't complete without a carving of a leaf-less tree.

36 /100: The Crypt Keeper

36/100 :The Crypt Keeper

Anyone who loves Halloween, loves the Crypt Keeper!

37 /100: Victorian dream house

37/100 :Victorian dream house

Show your love for vintage by carving an old Victorian house complete with a witch and all.

38 /100: No clowning here

38/100 :No clowning here

Scary and evil clowns are terrifying! Carve this guy for nightmares until next Halloween.

39 /100: Getting batty

39/100 :Getting batty

Looking straight from a children's storybook, these little characters are too cute for words!

40 /100: Panda Pumpkin

40/100 :Panda Pumpkin

Another cute design, this panda is absolutely irresistable!

41 /100: Sir Jack O Lantern

41/100 :Sir Jack O Lantern

Say "hello" to Sir Jack O' Lantern! The professor is letting us off the hook for homework this Halloween!

42 /100: A Ghoulish face

42/100 :A Ghoulish face

A figure usually scene around Halloween, any pumpkin will look terrifying when carved as a ghoul!

43 /100: Skelator

43/100 :Skelator

Show your guests you care to scare with this Skelator!

44 /100: Fencing around

44/100 :Fencing around

A typical Halloween scene is always a sure thing when carving a pumpkin.

45 /100: Here comes death

45/100 :Here comes death

Show death your doorstep when you carve this figure on your pumpkin.

46 /100: Pauly D. Moose

46/100 :Pauly D. Moose

Miss the Jersey Shore cast? Turn Pauly D. into a moose with this odd pumpkin design.

47 /100: A devlish grin

47/100 :A devlish grin

Any carving of a man and a devlish grin is a sure win on a pumpkin.

48 /100: Mario Kart

48/100 :Mario Kart

A fan of Mario Kart? Add the character Bowser to your Halloween line-up.

49 /100: Nintendo love

49/100 :Nintendo love

Continue your love for Nintendo games with another homage to th Legend of Zelda with this major mask carving.

50 /100: Showing teeth

50/100 :Showing teeth

Show your teeth at trick-or-treaters by carving this face and shaving off the pumpkin skin for a ghoulish grin.

51 /100: Pumpkin cupcake

51/100 :Pumpkin cupcake

While this little treat may not be good enough to eat, he sure is cute enough to look at!

52 /100: Nightwing

52/100 :Nightwing

Have a love for DC Comics? Add Nightwing for scary take on comics for Halloween.

53 /100: Mr. Baldy

53/100 :Mr. Baldy

Take off your pumpkin's skin before you carve a scary, bald face for an extra scary appeal.

54 /100: Fang's desire

54/100 :Fang's desire

This fang filled creature has one desire: you!

55 /100: Master of Horror

55/100 :Master of Horror

Want horrific? Carve the Master of Horror himself!

56 /100: Car lover

56/100 :Car lover

The car-obsessed man will love carving out a picture of his four-wheeled lover.

57 /100: Catty the Batty

57/100 :Catty the Batty

Turn your kitty into a bat by carving this Halloween creature.

58 /100: Rod Stewart

58/100 :Rod Stewart

Out of ideas for what to carve on this year's pumpkin? Why not Rod? Rod Stewart.

59 /100: Two Face

59/100 :Two Face

This super scary character is the one and only Two-face, the ultimate super-villain.

60 /100: Seeing Double

60/100 :Seeing Double

Drop the traditional bat design and add two instead!

61 /100: Predator

61/100 :Predator

Scare everyone on the block with this absolutely terrifying take on the Predator!

62 /100: Impossible peacock

62/100 :Impossible peacock

Meant for only the most serious pumpkin carver's, this peacock takes time and effort to perfect.

63 /100: Just fangin' around

63/100 :Just fangin' around

Inward eyebrows and fangs make this traditional carving a little bit more fun.

64 /100: Joker

64/100 :Joker

He's scary and he's mean making the Joker the ultimate fright fest for your pumpkin design.

65 /100: Tongue's out

65/100 :Tongue's out

Stick your tongue out at annoying guests with this funny looking pumpkin.

66 /100: Goofy lookin' guy

66/100 :Goofy lookin' guy

Create a goofy looking fellow by adding big funny eyes and super wide nostrils.

67 /100: Batman

67/100 :Batman

Everybody loves Batman. And if they don't, they can visit another doorstep this Halloween.

68 /100: Edward Scissorhands

68/100 :Edward Scissorhands

The awkward, yet scary looking Edward Scissorhands is a (not so)safe bet for any Halloween pumpkin.

69 /100: Pumpkin mummy

69/100 :Pumpkin mummy

Who doesn't love a mummy, especially when he looks so adorable on a pumpkin!

70 /100: Avatar

70/100 :Avatar

They may have been nice creatures, but Avatar's sure were scary looking!

71 /100: Elmo

71/100 :Elmo

Show the kids a fun time by carving Mr. Elmo on your pumpkin.

72 /100: Minnie Mouse

72/100 :Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is even pretty on a pumpkin!

73 /100: Mickey Mouse

73/100 :Mickey Mouse

The most lovable mouse of all, Mickey Mouse!

74 /100: Oogie Boogy

74/100 :Oogie Boogy

Boogy with the boogy man when you carve him onto the face of your pumpkin.

75 /100: Pretty goofy

75/100 :Pretty goofy

Add this pretty goofy face to your pumpkin for an instant smile.

76 /100: Jack Skelington

76/100 :Jack Skelington

We saw Jack in his Nightmare Before Christmas setting earlier, but how about just carving his pumpkin face instead?!

77 /100: Miss Chanel

77/100 :Miss Chanel

Show your love for fashion with the sign of couture.

78 /100: The Last Airbender

78/100 :The Last Airbender

Any of your favorite cartoon character's are appropriate for Halloween when they are added to a pumpkin.

79 /100: Lumpy Space Princess

79/100 :Lumpy Space Princess

Anybody who is anybody is up for adventure. So put this cutesy character from Adventure Time on your pumpkin for instant fun.

80 /100: Medusa

80/100 :Medusa

Medusa is terrifying even when she is made purely out of pumpkin.

81 /100: What a schnoz

81/100 :What a schnoz

Use your pumpkin's stem for the ultimate face and a funny looking nose.

82 /100: Piano man

82/100 :Piano man

Every piano lover needs their very own piano keyed pumpkin.

83 /100: Pink lover

83/100 :Pink lover

Love Victoria's Secret Pink line? Show the world by carving it into the pumpkin.

84 /100: Claptrap

84/100 :Claptrap

Show your love for the robot by designing your own Claptrap pumpkin.

85 /100: I'd take a grenade for ya

85/100 :I'd take a grenade for ya

Take Bruno Mars lyrics to a whole new level by catching a grenade with your pumpkin.

86 /100: One eyed monster

86/100 :One eyed monster

An easier and fun design comes from this loveable one-eyed monster!

87 /100: Holy cow!

87/100 :Holy cow!

Go moo with Betsy and add her lovely sculpture to your pumpkin.

88 /100: The pug life

88/100 :The pug life

Need a pumpkin carving idea? Look no further than Fido!

89 /100: Music lover

89/100 :Music lover

Ultimate fans can always carve out their favorite singer/songwriter like this scary image of Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day.

90 /100: Bunny hop

90/100 :Bunny hop

Turn your bunny into a fright by adding "X"'s to his carved out features.

91 /100: Ariel

91/100 :Ariel

Little mermaid's will love their very own Ariel pumpkin.

92 /100: Bee terrific

92/100 :Bee terrific

Buzz into Halloween with a bee pumpkin design!

93 /100: Little minions

93/100 :Little minions

It would be absolutely dispicable of you not to add these little minions to your pumpkin patch!

94 /100: See you in the graveyard

94/100 :See you in the graveyard

Carve out the graveyard for a scary Halloween scene.

95 /100: Football season

95/100 :Football season

Football fans would love to see their favorite quarterback etched into a pumpkin.

96 /100: Nightmare on your street

96/100 :Nightmare on your street

Bring the nightmare to your street by having Freddy Krueger at your door.

97 /100: Tony Stark

97/100 :Tony Stark

Helloooo Ironman! This intrinsic design is not only the super-hero, but the real life man behind the mask as well.

98 /100: Happy Halloween

98/100 :Happy Halloween

When in doubt, greet your crowd with a Happy Halloween.

99 /100: Pac Man

99/100 :Pac Man

Perhaps the most recognizable character from the 80's, Pac Man looks great on a pumpkin.

100 /100: Van Gogh

100/100 :Van Gogh

Tap into your inner artist by carving the famous Starry Night onto your pumpkin canvas.