DIY Christmas ornaments

by SheKnows
Dec 10, 2012 at 5:40 p.m. ET
Add a little color to your Christmas tree with these ornaments filled with candy sprinkles.

1 /24: Edible sugar cookie ornament

1/24 :Edible sugar cookie ornament

This Christmas decoration looks good enough to eat — and it is!

2 /24: DIY candy cane ornament

2/24 :DIY candy cane ornament

Kids love making these simple Christmas ornaments with pipe cleaners and beads.

3 /24: DIY "I spy" ornament

3/24 :DIY "I spy" ornament

Kids will love looking for all the little things inside these Christmas ornaments.

4 /24: DIY cardboard igloo ornament

4/24 :DIY cardboard igloo ornament

Christmas will be a touch cooler this year with these homemade and eco-friendly igloo ornaments.

5 /24: DIY German-inspired glitter pear ornament

5/24 :DIY German-inspired glitter pear ornament

Glitter up your Christmas with this dazzling German-inspired pear ornament.

6 /24: DIY shabby chic ornament

6/24 :DIY shabby chic ornament

Shabby chic meets the Christmas tree in these adorable ornaments from Dear Lillie.

7 /24: DIY CD mosaic ornament

7/24 :DIY CD mosaic ornament

Your old CDs find new purpose with these dazzling DIY mosaic ornaments.

8 /24: DIY glittery mustache ornament

8/24 :DIY glittery mustache ornament

Increase the laughter at your Christmas party with these glitter mustache ornaments (No-Shave November lives on!).

9 /24: DIY repurposed spoon ornaments

9/24 :DIY repurposed spoon ornaments

Turn old spoons into very unique ornaments for your Christmas tree.

10 /24: DIY beach ornament

10/24 :DIY beach ornament

For the seagoer and ocean enthusiast in your decorating family, these coastal-inspired ornaments will take you beachside in December.

11 /24: DIY vintage-inspired bell ornaments

11/24 :DIY vintage-inspired bell ornaments

Create ornament-sized winter wonderlands on your tree this year.

12 /24: DIY Rice Krispies tree ornaments

12/24 :DIY Rice Krispies tree ornaments

It will be hard to stop your kids from munching on these colorful ornaments.

13 /24: DIY dried orange ornaments

13/24 :DIY dried orange ornaments

Add a touch of nature and cozy color with this fruity dried orange ornament.

14 /24: DIY glittery animal ornament

14/24 :DIY glittery animal ornament

Little ones and even us animal-crazed adults will be ecstatic to create these glittery animal ornaments.

15 /24: DIY pearl ornament

15/24 :DIY pearl ornament

For the more classy and refined tree decorator, consider a beautiful and simple-to-make pearl ornament.

16 /24: DIY snowy hands ornament

16/24 :DIY snowy hands ornament

Trace your child's hand to make this keepsake Christmas ornament.

17 /24: DIY mini wreath ornament

17/24 :DIY mini wreath ornament

A wreath isn't just for your front door. Hang this one on your tree.

18 /24: DIY pinecone ornament

18/24 :DIY pinecone ornament

With a little glitter and an ordinary pinecone, you can make a fabulous ornament.

19 /24: DIY snowball ornament

19/24 :DIY snowball ornament

This pretty white ornament from Just Crafty Enough is easy (yet a little messy) to make.

20 /24: DIY marshmallow snowman ornament

20/24 :DIY marshmallow snowman ornament

Help your little ones create this adorable Christmas ornament.

21 /24: DIY felt Christmas ornament

21/24 :DIY felt Christmas ornament

Decorate your tree with these vibrant ornaments made from red felt.

22 /24: DIY Christmas mouse ornament

22/24 :DIY Christmas mouse ornament

This mouse ornament will look absolutely adorable hanging on your Christmas tree.

23 /24: DIY hot chocolate ornament

23/24 :DIY hot chocolate ornament

These Christmas ornament are oh so cute, and very easy to make too.

24 /24: DIY Christmas list ornament

24/24 :DIY Christmas list ornament

Turn your child's Christmas list into a beautiful keepsake ornament each year.