Garden Halloween costumes

Halloween is only a couple weeks away. Have you picked out a costume yet? If you’re into gardening, maybe a garden-themed Halloween costume is right for you!


Garden Halloween costumes — if you’re thinking about overalls and a floppy hat, you’re halfway there. You don’t need to dress like a farmer to have some Halloween garden fun. Gardens are a source of inspiration, so get creative! Here are a few fresh-picked costume ideas:


Garden fairy

garden fairy costume

Photo credit: cookiesandcostumes

Fairies are beautiful fun for adult and children costumes. Fairies are all about the outdoors and natural beauty. What makes a garden fairy different from any other fairy? Accessories like fresh flowers can do the job, as could vegetables if you’re leaning more toward a vegetable garden harvest fairy.


Garden gnome costume

garden gnome costume

Photo credit: Mary on Lake Pulaski via Flickr

Gnomes are very in right now, and a garden gnome is a fun one for the fellas. Store-bought or homemade costumes will work. The essentials are a beard and pointy hat.


Garden tools

garden tool costume

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If you’re into quirkier costumes, dressing up as a rake or shovel may be your thing. Use it as your costume or just a simple accessory. Another idea is to wear a cardboard box, carry some tools and be the garden shed!


Dead flower

day of the dead costume

Photo credit: Irisandthelens

Take inspiration from the Day of the Dead and make yourself into a beautiful, dead flower. Spruce yourself up with corpse makeup and a dashing floral headpiece.



garden snail costume

Photo credit: pennylrichardsca via Flickr

Want to be creepy, but not from a slasher flick? Dress up as any number of the creepy crawlers from your garden. Go more cutesy with a dragonfly, ladybug costume or garden snail.


Flower pot

flower pot costume

Photo credit: Tip Junkie

This is a great one for toddlers! Cut the bottom out of a plastic barrel so the child can stand inside it. Dress the kiddo with a flower face. Or buy a ready-to-wear flower pot costume.



vegetable costume

Photo credit: From dirt to dinner

Cute for adults or kids. This peas in a pod costume is truly adorable for the wee ones! And you can never go wrong with the pumpkin costume.


Sexy gardener

sexy gardener costume

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If you’re headed to a hot Halloween party and want to vamp it up, try a sexy gardening outfit. Wear a green gardening apron bib over any mini dress or hot-pants outfit. Maybe carry a tool or two for effect. Check out the “Garden Ho” costume for inspiration.

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