Top 10 gifts for the techie dad

Jun 2, 2013 at 3:00 a.m. ET

High tech is in high demand from dads this year! Whether the dad in your life is an audiophile or a fitness buff, we've got the Bluetooth, HD, mega-megapixel robotic stuff he craves.

Plus, tech gifts are usually items the whole family will love, so you can feel OK about spending a little more to make him feel special.


Tablets and computing

Nexus 7

What: Nexus 7

Why: The Nexus 7 is a cost-effective and powerful tablet that comes loaded with Android's Jelly Bean interface, 32 GB of storage, a quad-core processor and access to more than 600,000 apps in the Google Play store.

Where: RadioShack, $250

XPS 12 Ultrabook

What: XPS 12 Ultrabook

Why: The XPS 12 Ultrabook is both a tablet and a computer — what more could your guy need? With a flip of the hinge, the laptop will transform into a fully functioning tablet with the new Windows 8 touch-screen interface.

Where: Dell, starting at $1,100




What: HTC One

Why: This award-winning phone is sleek and stylish, offering the latest in hand-held technology — including dual, front-facing speakers; HTC BoomSound; a quad-core processor and so much more.

Where: HTC, prices vary by carrier; unlocked phones start at $575

Nokia Lumia

What: Windows Lumia 920

Why: As Engadget's Reader's Choice "Smartphone of the Year," the Windows Lumia 920 has the best camera on the market, as noted by Gizmodo. Plus, the live homescreen tiles make it easy to customize and organize everything that's important to the dad in your life.

Where: Microsoft, starting at $99 with an AT&T plan


Home theater

Roku 3

What: Roku 3

Why: By adding apps to your TV like Netflix and Hulu Plus, Dad will always have access to the media he wants. Plus, with the headphone jack in Roku 3's remote control, Dad can enjoy private, quiet listening even while the kids are playing nearby.

Where: Roku, $99

Seiki 50" 4K TV

What: Seiki 50" 4K TV

Why: Dad will be the envy of the neighborhood when he debuts the latest, immersive 4K TV technology to his friends while screening the latest ballgame. And even though Dad will love it, it's a great gift for the whole family. Movie night, anyone?

Where: TigerDirect, $1,500


Upgraded accessories

Eastern Collective's Colorful Cables

What: Eastern Collective's Colorful Cables

Why: The corded cables are easier to untangle, while the colorful patterns are easy to keep straight. Dad will never confuse his cables with someone else's or mix up his micro USB cable for his lightning cable again. Plus, they're affordable enough for kids to buy!

Where: Eastern Collective, $14 to $33

Seagate Slim

What: Seagate Slim

Why: Dad would be devastated if his cloud service shut down and he lost important documents and photos. The Seagate Slim provides auto-backup for everything from files to social-media images. Plus, since it's the world's thinnest hard drive (about the size of an iPhone 5), Dad can easily pack it in his computer bag.

Where: Seagate, $80



I-MEGO Throne Cambo

What: I-MEGO Throne Cambo

Why: They offer a cool, throwback style Dad will love, combined with incredibly comfortable ear pads for long-term wear (i.e., no headphone headache!).

Where: I-MEGO, $80

JayBird BlueBuds X

What: JayBird BlueBuds X

Why: These wireless headphones offer great sound combined with incredible Bluetooth technology that will allow Dad to enjoy his music or talk on the phone without tangling with cords.

Where: JayBird, $170




What: Soundfreaq BOOM FREAQ

Why: Specially designed for Father's Day by Novogratz, these speakers have a retro boom-box look that dads will love, combined with the latest Bluetooth technology and adaptability that will enable them to stream music while synched with practically any device. Plus, the sound is truly excellent!

Where: Soundfreaq, $350

iHome Audio iBT4

What: iHome Audio iBT4

Why: This rechargeable boom box is extremely lightweight and portable, so Dad can take it with him wherever he goes, allowing him to stream music from his smartphone or tune into his favorite FM radio station while tinkering in the garage or hanging out at the park.

Where: iHome, $100


Wearable tech

 I/O Denim

What: I/O Denim

Why: These jeans have a handy pocket located on the side, between the knee and the hip, so dads will have easy access to their smartphones or MP3 players even while driving or sitting through meetings.

Where: I/O Denim, $115

Looxcie HD

What: Looxcie HD Explore

Why: This wearable, HD, hands-free video camera allows Dad to stream video live to Facebook while staying engaged in the moment. Perfect for the proud dad watching his kids' soccer game or enjoying the first family campout, it allows him to share those moments instantly without hiding behind a camera.

Where: Looxcie, $250


Perfect protection


What: TaskOne

Why: Admit it — your iPhone can't do everything. That's why the TaskOne comes in handy. A smartphone case that functions like a Swiss army knife, it will let your guy open bottles, strip wires and saw through wood.

Where: TaskLab, $100

Kensington Contour Overnight Pack

What: Kensington Contour Overnight Backpack

Why: For the frequent-flyer dad, the Kensington Contour Overnight Backpack will enable him to speed through security without removing his laptop from his carry-on. All he'll have to do is unzip the pack and lay it flat!

Where: Kensington, $100


Health tech

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

What: Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Why: The Smart Body Analyzer tracks important health readings like body fat percentage, resting heart rate and carbon dioxide levels, automatically sending them to the Withings Health Mate app to keep tabs on Dad's stats. It also syncs with more than 80 third-party apps like RunKeeper and DailyBurn, allowing cross-parameter tracking over time.

Where: Withings, $150


What: boomBottle

Why: This wireless, weatherproof Bluetooth speaker is designed to fit in a bicycle's water bottle cage so that Dad can stream music or talk on the phone while riding around town.

Where: Scosche, $150

MIO Alpha

What: MIO Alpha

Why: It's the first truly accurate heart rate–monitoring watch that doesn't require the use of a chest strap. Dad will love the ease of use, combined with the Bluetooth technology that allows him to track his stats on his smartphone and sync up with third-party apps.

Where: MIO Alpha, $199


Home tech

Keurig Vue V500

What: Keurig Vue V500 Brewing System

Why: Why shouldn't Dad's coffee experience be high-tech, too? Offering a simple touch-screen interface, Keurig's latest Vue V500 Brewing System allows Dad to simply select the strength, size and style of coffee he wants to enjoy each morning.

Where: Keurig, $170


What: BBQ MP3

Why: Dad can turn every barbeque into a party with this indoor-outdoor electric grill, which features built-in speakers, an AM/FM radio and connections for an iPhone, iPod or other MP3 device.

Where: Sharper Image, $200

iRobot Roomba

What: iRobot Roomba

Why: No dad wants to spend his weekend doing chores, right? And every dad is a little fascinated by robots, right? So why not give him a robot that will do chores? It's like The Jetsons in real life when you give Dad an iRobot Roomba to do the vacuuming for him. (Plus, there's no doubt you'll love it, too!)

Where: iRobot, $350 to $700, depending on model

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