Home-run gifts for the sports-loving dad

Jun 2, 2013 at 3:34 a.m. ET

Whether the dad in your life is a weekend warrior or a sports-lovin' couch potato, we have a gift suggestion that will make his heart jump for joy.


Prep Sportswear

Prep Sportswear

A sporty dad needs to look the part, whether he's participating in a game or not. Prep Sportswear offers a huge selection of custom high school, college and pro sports memorabilia, including shirts, shorts, hoodies, bags and more. If you're located in California and Pop is (somewhat randomly) a Western Michigan University fan, look no further than Prep Sportswear for the activewear he needs on game day. Available from Prep Sportswear; prices vary.


Oakley sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses

Especially during the summer months, outdoor glare can pose a big problem for both competitors and spectators. Help your dad see the details of the game — and possibly even a volleyball careening toward his face — with a high-quality pair of sunglasses. Oakley sunglasses provide 100 percent ultraviolet protection, they are polarized and shatter resistant and they give high-definition views without any lens distortion. They're available in a variety of styles from Oakley for $80 and up.


Pack6 Hiking Essentials Kit

Pack6 Hiking Essentials Kit

Every sporty guy who likes to go on hikes or camping trips needs to have some essentials in his bag. The Pack6 Hiking Essentials Kit includes everything he needs to explore safely: a compass, Swiss army tool, headlamp, signal mirror, fire starter, and safety whistle. You'll feel good knowing that you gave him a gift of both adventure and security. Available from Pack6 for $130.


MLB headphones

MLB Headphones

Is Dad a baseball fan? If he wants to stay tuned in to all the details of the game, consider purchasing him a BiGR Audio MLB headset. The headsets are available with the logo of his favorite MLB team and are designed to cancel stadium noise so he can clearly hear the game's play-by-play. Available from BiGR Audio for $99 and up.


My Mini Golf

My Mini Golf

Based on our unscientific observations, dads who love sports also tend to love miniature golf. Now Dad and the whole family can set up a range of miniature-golf obstacles right in the backyard or living room for game nights with the bros or the kids. My Mini Golf offers more than just a game night, though. The skills Dad picks up from this mini-golf kit translate very well into skills he can use on a real golf course. Available from Starting Time Golf for $170 and up.


DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga

Yoga isn't just for chicks and the notably enlightened anymore. If Dad is showing some interest in yoga — or if you want him to reap the benefits of stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises — check out DDP Yoga. It was developed by a former wrestler (read: manly) to promote total-body health and wellness. Also, unlike other extreme fitness regimens like P90X or Insanity, DDP Yoga actively encourages positive thinking, clean living and a healthy overall body in addition to physical results. Available from DDP Yoga for $70 and up.


LifeCycle Adventures

If nothing else will do, give that sporty dad the trip of a lifetime. LifeCycle Adventures offers custom concierge bike tours for riders of all abilities in California, Maine, Washington, Hawaii and Oregon. Just book the trip and the guides will handle all the itinerary details, including luggage handling, meals, biking routes, lodging and bike rentals. Available from LifeCyle Adventures; prices vary according to itinerary.


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