National Pie Day and 17 others we wish were real holidays

Imagine having an entire day to celebrate your hairstyle, chocolate or pies. Here are 18 holidays we wish we had time off from work to celebrate.


Make Your Dream Come True Day

Woman tourist

Jan. 13

Whether your dream is to write a screenplay, walk the red carpet or travel the world, take one step today toward making your dream a reality.


National Hat Day

Woman wearing a hat

Jan. 15

Hats are mandatory accessories in a fashionista’s wardrobe. Rep your favorite sports team or rock a fedora on National Hat Day. Invite your friends over for a hat-swapping party.


National Pie Day

Woman baking pie

Jan. 23

Cherries and apples and pears, oh my! National Pie Day is all about celebrating tasty pies. Engage your family and friends in friendly competition with a pie bake off.


Singles Awareness Day


Feb. 15

Attention: All the single ladies! Let the couples have Valentine’s Day. Singles Awareness Day celebrates those flying solo. Attend a singles gathering, or celebrate your single gals if you’re attached.


Fragrance Day

Woman applying perfume

March 21

Stock up on perfumes and lotions on Fragrance Day, and make a lasting impression on others by wearing your favorite scent.


Moment of Laughter Day

Woman laughing

April 14

Laughter is contagious, so brighten up someone’s day with a joke or funny story. Get your laugh on by watching your favorite comedy.


Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Woman getting haircut

April 30

If your ‘do is outdated, then it’s time to switch it up. Whether you add length, go short or change the color, choose a hairstyle that accentuates your best features.


Brothers and Sisters Day


May 2

No matter how often you bicker, siblings are special. Celebrate your siblings with a card, dinner or a framed photograph of a special memory.


Best Friend Day

Best friends

June 8

Best friends are there during the good times and break ups. Spend time with your best friend doing your favorite activities, or send them a card that expresses how much they mean to you.


National Splurge Day

Woman buying shoes

June 18

Get the shoes you’ve always wanted. Dine at any restaurant of your choice. And don’t forget to order dessert. Buyers beware — avoid overspending on National Splurge Day by saving money in advance.


Forgiveness Day

Woman forgiving ex

June 26

Still fuming over what an ex did to you five years ago? Although he may deserve the “biggest jerk” award, let go of any ill feelings toward him or anyone else on Forgiveness Day so that you can move on and leave the past behind.


Compliment Your Mirror Day

Woman looking in mirror

July 3

While it’s easy to complain (“Why can’t my hair look different?”), look into the mirror with pride and celebrate your beauty and uniqueness — freckles, hair woes and all. Smile at your fabulousness!


Relaxation Day

Woman relaxing

Aug. 15

Admit it, sometimes you’d rather blow off work to hang with friends or catch up on your favorite TV shows (we promise not to tell!). Avoid stress on Relaxation Day by indulging in your favorite leisure activities.


Just Because Day

Woman getting massage

Aug. 27

Do something spontaneous and unexpected without a reason. Treat yourself to the spa or send someone a “just because” gift.


Defy Superstition Day

Black cat

Sept. 13

Do you avoid black cats or the number 13? Let go of superstitions that influence your thoughts. You don’t need an itchy hand to know good things are on the horizon.


Wear Something Gaudy Day

Woman wearing 80s fashions

Oct. 17

Instead of cringing at neon-colored outfits, take a walk on the flamboyant side. Dress in tacky clothes, and compete with friends for the gaudiest outfit.


Book Lovers Day

Woman reading book on beach

First Sat. in Nov.

Remember the last time a juicy novel kept you up until dawn and left you with a reader’s hangover? Head to the beach with your favorite books on Book Lovers Day, or pull another all-nighter in bed.


National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Chocolate fondue

Dec. 16

From chocolate cookies to chocolate-covered almonds, celebrate chocolate treats today without guilt. Swap recipes with chocolate lovers at a dessert potluck.

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