Mother’s Day gift basket ideas from Cheryl Najafi

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you still have a little bit of time to create a gift that is fun and special for Mom. Use this gift basket idea from Cheryl Najafi to create a sure hit for Mom this year.

Gift basket ideas for Mother's Day


Before you start your gift basket for Mom, choose a theme. One of the best Mother’s Day baskets has a spa theme. Cheryl Najafi, from, puts a simple twist on a spa basket, using her mom’s favorite lotion, a loofah, a few bath salts and polishes. All are items that she knows her mom would love, but may not buy herself. Think of the things your mom’s pointed out and pick those up for her to show you’re attentive to her wants.


The number one rule in creating a gift basket for Mom is to make it personalized. Make a list of what your mom likes and work around those items. If you think she may like the item, you can also put it in the basket — just make sure you add things you know she likes for a sure win.

Splurge items

Perfume or gift cards can be a boring and unpersonalized gift for Mom. Although adding them to a gift basket will still fulfill her wants, add a bit of your own creativity as well. Depending on your theme, you can also throw in a watch, bracelet or even a new charm to add to a bracelet she may already have.

Mama’s favorites

Choose things that you know your mom loves. If you have a candle-loving mama, go for a few of her favorite scents and add some of your own. Does she love chocolate? Add her favorite brand plus a cookbook that includes some fun recipes with chocolate.

Something unique

Is your mom a crier? Add tissues to the basket, as Cheryl does in the video, to show that you knew the gift would hit an emotional button for her. Or create a silly poem about Mom like you did as a child. Adding something special that is as unique as you are will make Mom love your gift basket as much as your first handmade Christmas ornament.

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