My dad said what? Crazy advice from Dad

Jun 1, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. ET

In honor of Father's Day and all the love we have for our dads, we asked readers to share the craziest advice they've ever received from their main man!

Dad with shocked baby

There's only one man we all get the pleasure of calling "Dad." He's smart, funny, sensitive and perpetually honest, which may or may not be a good thing. We asked readers to share the craziest advice they've ever received from their dad. Some is funny, some is useful and some is downright crazy!

Ava shares…

I wanted to start my own business, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Cosmetics, and my dad originally advised me not to do it. He knew the difficulties of starting a business that did direct sales. Instead, he said he would support me if I could start the company with 300 Ava consultants. It seemed impossible — and crazy — but I wanted his full support. Three years later, we're one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies in the country.

Donna shares…

Craziest advice from my dad — "A friend in need… is a pain in the butt!"

Helah shares…

My dad's advice is literally hard to swallow — "Eat a raw garlic clove each morning." He claims the health benefits are irreplaceable and that it ensures a successful day.

Pamela shares…

"If you don't want to get hit by a man, don't hit one."

Jen shares…

"Don't hang out with people who throw rocks at men who have guns." Back story: I was 11 and we were watching the news and there was a story about the Palestinians. They didn't have access to decent weaponry and resorted to throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers.

Jennifer shares…

When I was pregnant with my son, my dad pulled me aside and said, "Now if your mom were alive, I'm sure she'd want me to tell you this…" He then urged me to have a C-section because "sex was never the same for your mother." I did not take his advice and still look back and shake my head in disbelief!

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