The ultimate handmade Mother’s Day gift guide

Handmade gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Find out what might work well for your mom this Mother’s Day.

Give a handmade gift!
Homemade soap

What could be more thoughtful than giving a handmade Mother’s Day gift? It is definitely a great way to show the love and appreciation you have for your mom. Whether you have a creative flair, you need a little guidance or you prefer someone else’s creations, handmade gifts can be made — and given — by anyone.

To the best of your ability

Don’t take on more than you can do. You might not have time to take on the task of learning to crochet and creating a lovely scarf for Mom, all for one holiday. Instead, consider doing something a bit easier, like a cross-stitch project, or buying a handmade scarf from a site like Etsy.

Pretty as a picture

Maybe you’re not crafty, but you love to take photos. Gather up a few photos you’ve taken that your mom loves, such as one that has special significance to her, a nice family photo or even a favorite vacation shot. Consider enhancing the photo by making it larger or turning it into a black-and-white shot. Place it in a pretty frame and watch your mom light up when she opens this gift.

Sit Mom down to a meal

Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Instead of giving Mom a gift card to her favorite restaurant, create a personalized gift card that provides her with a meal specially prepared by you. Think about all her favorite flavors and foods. Is she on a diet? Prepare a mouthwatering meal that is healthy yet indulgent. Does she have a friend visiting? Offer to make them a meal so the two can spend more time together.

Homemade Mother's Day gifts

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Have time on your side

Don’t save your project for the day before the festivities. This will only stress you out, which might result in a less-than-ideal quality project. And no one wants to search for a store with late hours the day before Mother’s Day.

Wrap it up

Present your gift in a unique, handmade way, even if you didn’t make the gift itself. Sometimes how you package your gift can be just as nice as what you’re giving. Create a special gift basket filled with things just for Mom. Add flowers, ribbons or colorful paper to create a theme. You could also make your own gift wrap by using pretty or unique stamps and ink you can find at craft stores.

Handmade gift giving can come in all sorts of packages. Mom will love the personalized touch!

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