Throw the best St. Patrick’s Day party

St. Patrick’s Day parties are the best — you drink green beer and can pinch people who don’t wear green! What’s not to love? This year, throw a fantastic, green-inspired St. Patrick’s Day party for all your friends and family.

Saint Patrick's Day party food

When planning a St. Patrick’s Day party, you need to keep one word in mind — green. Green food, green decorations, green drinks, green lights, green everything. The more green, the better. Don’t be afraid to go overboard, as you can’t really have too much green and, quite frankly, the tackier, the better. St. Patrick’s Day is about letting your inner Irish shine through and having fun. The number one rule is: no stress allowed. Bust out the shamrocks and leprechauns and you’re on your way to a perfect St. Patrick’s Day bash!

Green balloonGreen decorations

Decorating for your St. Patrick’s Day party is fun, because there are no rules. Hang green shamrocks on the walls, string green Christmas lights on the stairs or windowsills, get a green strobe light and blow up some green balloons. We love Party City’s selection — they have everything from 3D shamrocks to window decorations to beer mug bead necklaces. The choices are affordable, tacky and green — exactly what we’re looking for!

Feeling extra spirited? Dress up as a leprechaun! Click here for costumes >>

Tip: Use light beer and clear liquor. For more green drink recipes, click here!

Green beer

You can’t have a St. Patrick’s Day party without green beer — it’s just not possible. Making green beer is quite possibly the easiest thing to do in the world. Seriously. Put green food coloring in a mug, add beer and then… Oh, wait. That’s it. See? Easy! If you don’t like beer, make green cocktails using the same process, only add the food coloring to liquor instead of beer.

Green food

Since we want the party to be as stress-free as possible, go easy with the food. Make traditional corned beef and cabbage by placing corned beef in your slow cooker the morning of the party. Add onions, cabbage, carrots and potatoes and cook on low for eight hours. Provide simple foods for guests to snack on, such as green-frosted cookies and cupcakes, a green fruit salad (kiwi, green grapes, green apples and pears), lime Jell-O, and chips and spinach dip.

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Irish music

Though we’re certain this party will be loud, let’s not forget about playing some background music just in case. Look for traditional Celtic or Irish music at your local music store or play Irish music on Pandora. Consider having the movie Leprechaun playing, too. It’s a horror film, though, so double-check that there won’t be any children coming.

Party favors

We know, we know — party favors are typically left for kids. But why not send guests home with some inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day goodies? Include some green felt moustaches, St. Patrick’s Day stampers, shamrock bead bracelets and a light-up St. Patrick’s Day pen. It’ll give the guests a chuckle (and something to entertain their kids with later).

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