No-sew Valentine's Day mailbox tutorial

Feb 7, 2013 at 3:18 p.m. ET

Why should Valentine's Day get all the love? Make this easy, no-sew Valentine's Day craft for your children and shower them with love gifts each day leading up to Valentine's Day.

DIY, no-sew Valentine's Day mailbox
New sew Valentine's Day envelope


  • 4 pieces white felt (we used a printed piece for the inner envelope flap instead)
  • 1 piece red felt (can be a scrap)
  • 1 spool red grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 spool patterned red/white ribbon
  • Glue (Aleene's Tacky Glue works well)
  • Small piece of Velcro


  • Pinking shears
  • Fabric scissors
  • Straight pins (optional)

New sew Valentine's Day envelope -- supplies

Note: We used a pretty patterned piece of felt to line the inside of our Valentine's Day envelope for this craft, but you can stick to plain white if you want. It's easy to personalize this envelope craft for other holidays just by mixing up your colors! For the purposes of this tutorial, the "back" of the envelope is actually the side we're looking at (with the flap closure and heart seal), and the "front" of the envelope is the backside, where you would write the address. Think of an actual mailing envelope.



Pink the edges of two pieces of white felt

Pink the edges of two pieces of white felt

Place two pieces of white felt on top of each other. We secured ours with straight pins, but you could go without. Using the pinking shears, trim around both sides and the bottom of the felt pieces.


Cut the opening of the envelope

Remove the top piece of white felt and fold it in half. Make a mark about one-third of the way down the folded edge, place your scissors at the outside edge, and cut in a straight line toward the mark you made. You'll be left with a triangle piece, which you can use in the next step as a guide. Place the piece of felt back on top of the other white felt rectangle.

Cut the opening of the envelope


Create the envelope flap

Place the patterned piece of felt on top of the third piece of white felt, wrong sides together. This will become the flap of the envelope. Fold the pieces in half and cut them into a triangle. Use the triangle you cut out of the back of the envelope as a guide, and be sure to cut your flap triangle slightly larger than the remnant piece so that it closes completely over the opening.

Create the envelope flap


Create the heart seal

Using your scrap of red felt, cut out a heart to place over the point of the envelope flap. We did it old-school style — fold it in half and cut out half a heart, open it up, and voila!

Create the heart seal


Glue the envelope together

Run a line of glue around the sides and bottom edge of the non-cut white piece of felt (front of the envelope), place the back of the envelope on top, and press firmly around the edges. Use a medium-width row of glue: too little and the envelope won't hold, too much and you'll have glue squirting out the edges! Important: Do not attach the flap yet!

Glue the envelope together


Attach the envelope flap

Trim two pieces of the red grosgrain ribbon, approximately 18 inches long. These will create the hanging bow for the envelope. Place one piece of ribbon near each top corner of the envelope so that they will be sandwiched between the envelope and the flap. Run a line of glue along the top and press the flap down along the top edge.

Attach the envelope flap


Attach the heart seal

Using glue on only the top of the red heart seal, attach it to the point of the envelope flap. The point of the heart will hang down over the envelope.

Attach the heart seal


Add a border to the envelope

Using the patterned ribbon, cut pieces to border the envelope. Run a line of glue and press the ribbon into place.

Add a border to the envelope


Add a Velcro closure (optional)

This step is completely optional. We added a Velcro closure to make sure that we could keep the flap closed even if we were hiding a slightly larger surprise inside. Cut a small square of Velcro and glue it in place.

(Optional) Add a velcro closure


Tie the bow and hang

Tie the two long ribbons into a bow, find a special spot, and hang up the envelope. Now you can place a special Valentine's Day surprise inside. We're hanging ours on a door with a removable hook, but you could also hang these from the back of each child's chair, on the end of their bed or on their doorknob.

Final no-sew Valentine's Day craft

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