3 Tastefully wicked anti-Valentine's Day party ideas

Feb 2, 2013 at 7:15 a.m. ET

Oh, goody. It's Valentine's Day. And just in time to add a little more sting to your fresh breakup. Check out these anti-Valentine's Day party ideas that are just wicked enough to help you get through the day.

Broken hearted cocktail

like Cupid's been a jerk

Oh, goody. It's Valentine's Day. And just in time to add a little more sting to your fresh breakup. Check out these anti-Valentine's Day party ideas that are just wicked enough to help you get through the day.

If you're newly (or not-so-newly) single, Valentine's Day can be a real bummer. We know you don't fault your coupled-up friends for finding Mr. Right (OK, maybe you do a little), but we also know this: You don't need to spend the day sulking on the couch watching rom-coms and crying into a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

So throw an anti-Valentine's Day party to celebrate being single and loving it! There's just one ground rule. This party is about celebrating loving ourselves enough to know single is OK. No pity partiers allowed!

The "life-enhancement" party

Tip: Ask the party coordinator to bring plenty of contact cards. Some of your friends may be uncomfortable ordering this type of life enhancement in front of others.

This one's for the ladies only (sorry, boys!). Single or not, we all need a little… ahem… recreation now and again. As any hobby enthusiast will say, you need the right tools for the job. Instead of getting tipsy and lamenting about love gone wrong, or worse, pretending you think male strippers are a good idea, throw a pleasure party for you and your best single gal pals.

Other than the cost of the items you want to buy, the party itself is usually free. Just make sure you tell the party coordinator that the party is for singles only so she doesn't waste time talking about intimate products for couples.

You'll laugh, you'll learn and you'll love focusing on what you (really) want.

Deck of cardsThe Texas M.A.S.H. 'em party

This adult variation on a popular tween game relies on the game of Texas Hold 'em, though any poker game will do. While our game can be modified for various categories, we suggest keeping it a bit spicy.

You'll need a large piece of poster board and pictures of various celebrities of the appropriate gender (depending on your invitees' preferences). You'll need enough pictures for each category for the number of guests on your list. For example, if you have five guests, you'll need five pictures under M, five under A, and so on. Make sure each celebrity's best "assets" are shown in their best light.

In our version, the acronym stands for Marry–Avoid (because he's a stalker)–Shag–Hug. Tape the required number of celeb photos in each category. After each hand of Texas Hold 'em (in which there are no chips, no one is allowed to fold and jokers are wild), each guest gets to choose from the categories (one per hand, starting with M and moving along from there for a total of four hands) in the order of highest hand to lowest.

Guests with jokers may choose to use the joker as a wild card and take their chances with another draw, or save it for a steal at the end of the game. In the end, each partygoer will have a brand new (and likely more exciting) romantic history.

You can play all night by having extra game boards featuring different celebrities, or spend the rest of the night creating wild stories about your misadventures with the new men in your Little Black Book.

Woman dressed as angelSeductively spo-o-o-o-oky party

While St. Valentine was sainted for his commitment to love so strong he'd marry couples who were forbidden to take the vows, he met a rather grisly end when he was beheaded for his betrayal. Pay tribute to his commitment by throwing a Halloween-style costume party for singles only (this time, the boys are invited… as long as they're not attached).

Skip the crazier Halloween decor extras and opt for a dimly lit local spot with raging music (nothing too romantic) and flashing lights. There should be plenty of room for dancing, and it should be at a place that's not too loud, so you can mingle. You're more likely to meet the man of your dreams when you're celebrating being single, because he knows you're a girl who's awesome enough on her own.

Gals should wear their sexiest, sassiest or most adorable personas (devils, angels and everything in between), while the men should be asked to don a costume that truly conveys their romantic personality. No zombies or blood, just a lot of people in fanciful costumes that make them look great.

Valentine's Day is what you make it

Valentine's Day is just another day of the year. Couples use it to do the things they should be doing all year long. Why should your night be any different?

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