Romantic reads for Valentine's Day

Feb 4, 2013 at 6:54 a.m. ET

Looking for a romantic, swoon-worthy read to cuddle up with this Valentine's Day? Look no further than our picks for the most romantic love stories of all time.

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A holiday celebrating life's most sought-out treasure, love, is upon us. Valentine's Day is whimsical and romantic, enchanting and passionate. Whether or not you have a Valentine this year, snuggle up with your favorite beverage and one of our top picks for romantic reads to take you to a place unlike any other. Our picks are so good they may make you want to ditch your date and stay in.


William & Kate: A Royal Love Story by James Clench

William and kate a royal love story

It's a fairy-tale romance we all wish would happen to us, but unfortunately there's only one prince and one princess — and they would be William and Kate. It's the story of a middle-class girl who had a crush on the man that would one day be king. William & Kate: A Royal Love Story shares their romantic journey, from when they met, to how she won him over, to their once-in-a-lifetime wedding (complete with 150 photographs!).


A Passion for Him by Sylvia Day

a passion for him

Described as wickedly entertaining, passionate and wonderful, A Passion for Him is the love story of a masked man and Amelia. Amelia doesn't think she can ever love again — that is, until a masked pursuer kisses her passionately in a moonlit garden. Amelia becomes obsessed with him and discovering his identity. Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, this erotic novel is a page-turner you won't be able to put down.


The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

The rescue

We couldn't have a list of romantic books without including a book by the best romance novelist of all, Nicholas Sparks. The Rescue is the story of Taylor, a volunteer firefighter. He takes terrifying risks every day to save lives, but can't bring himself to fall in love. That is, until he meets Denise Holden, a single mother looking to rebuild her life. Can these two find a way to make the biggest commitment and risk of all — to love someone forever?


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice

A classic, well-written novel first published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice deals with marriage, love, manners, upbringing and society in early 19th century England. This is a book that can be read over and over, so just because you read it years ago doesn't mean you shouldn't pick it up again this Valentine's Day.


One Day by David Nicholls

One day

A national bestseller turned into a major motion picture, One Day is a novel of two people in search of themselves — and each other. The story is a series of snapshots taking place on one day — July 15 — of each year over twenty years. This romantic book is full of honesty, laughter, tears and hope. We're sure it's just what you need this year for Valentine's Day.

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