Mailable fortune cookie craft

Loved ones will crack open a smile when they receive this giant fortune cookie craft. Make this mailable and memorable valentine using foam paper, a Tyvek envelope and brad fasteners.

Mailable fortune cookie craft


  • 12 x 18-inch sheet of foam paper — 3mm or 5mm thickness (found in hobby and craft stores)
  • Large Tyvek envelope (found in office supply stores)
  • Brad fasteners



Step 1

Trace and cut out round circles from your foam paper. (I was able to get one 11-inch circle and one 7-inch circle from a 12 x 18-inch sheet.)

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 1


Step 2

Using a Tyvek envelope, cut a 2 x 13.5-inch strip (for the large fortune cookie) or a 2 x 11-inch strip (for the small fortune cookie craft). Tyvek is recommended because it’s plastic and won’t rip or tear during shipping. Plus there’s a sticky tab area on the end to help secure it inside the cookie.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 2


Step 3

Attach two, $1 stamps to the left-hand side of each message strip. (Both fortune cookie sizes mail for the same amount — $1.95) To avoid ink smearing on the plastic paper, write your mailing address and message with a permanent pen.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 3


Step 4

Poke a brad fastener through the foam paper circle, 1/4 of the distance from the right side.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 4a

Peel the sticky tab off the Tyvek strip and attach your custom fortune cookie message to the right side of the foam circle, covering the brad.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 4b


Step 5

Fold the foam circle in half, like a taco.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 5


Step 6

Grab the top and bottom folded edges with your fingers and crease in the middle, forming the fortune cookie.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 6a

Push the brad fastener through the other side of the foam paper and spread apart to keep the fortune cookie shape in place.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 6b


Step 7

Poke another brad fastener through the back edges of the foam paper to keep it securely closed.

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Step 7

Mailable fortune cookie craft -- Final

Editor’s note

These were so fun to receive in the mail. Even the mailman was excited. The cookies arrived picture-perfect and are a huge hit around the SheKnows headquarters.

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