Valentine's Day when you don't have a babysitter

Feb 4, 2013 at 3:01 p.m. ET

No babysitter? No problem. From romantic lunch breaks to quiet quickies after bedtime, discover exciting ways you and your partner can celebrate Valentine's Day.

Couple taking bubble bath together

When it's not feasible to get a babysitter on Valentine's Day, you can still sneak in some fun and romance. Discover four ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner, even if you're stuck with the kids.

Breakfast after the bus stop

Who says Valentine's Day has to be celebrated in the evening? Start your work day a little late and get together just after the kids head to school. Grab breakfast at a sit-down restaurant where you can indulge in something a little more filling than a quick bowl of oatmeal and some coffee. Exchange cards and enjoy a quiet morning away from the hectic pace of your early routine. Even though it's not a candlelit dinner, get a little more dressed up than you usually would for your morning errands. It might end up being a tradition you return to.

Meet for lunch, restaurant optional

Sometimes the best way to shake things up is to break routine. Make a lunch date while the kids are in school or daycare. Hit a restaurant you've never tried before and enjoy an adventurous meal and an old-school date. Or, if you're feeling flirty, skip the restaurant entirely. Head home for a quickie in a nice, quiet house. You'll both love the naughty feeling of hooking up during the day and accomplishing some serious loving in a short time span. Try greeting him at the door in that lingerie you've been saving for a special occasion.

Flirty tip

Can't find time to get together? Spend Valentine's Day exchanging frisky text messages.

Put a DVD on for the kids

Let's face it, evenings at home with the kids are anything but romantic. On Valentine's Day, let the kids zone out to a special treat. Put on a new movie or an old favorite and let them build that couch cushion fort that usually drives you nuts. While the little ones are distracted by a rare entertainment night, sit down for a home-cooked meal. Dim the lights in the dining room and light a few candles. With the right glass of wine and some mood music, you'll almost forget you're still at home.

Get together (way) after bedtime

Put the kids to bed right on schedule on Valentine's Day. While you're waiting for them to fall into a deep sleep, take a nice long bath and indulge in your favorite grooming routine. Make your bedroom an escape zone and hide everything that might pull you out of the mood for love. When it's way after bedtime, you'll feel secure enough to lock the bedroom door and celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner. Use the occasion as an opportunity to spice things up with something new, like a handheld massager or a scented lotion.

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