Planning the perfect Easter brunch

Is it your turn to host the annual family Easter brunch this year? Instead of hiding in the closet, crying or drinking a bottle of wine to cope with the stress/anxiety, focus on these easy entertaining tips. From the perfect tablescape and centerpiece idea to some easy to follow recipes, you’ll feel like Martha Stewart in no time (and your fabulous brunch will reflect that!).

Easter Brunch table

Easter brunch comes at the perfect time. All of the spring blooms are in season, fresh produce is readily available and the weather is just warm enough for your favorite Lilly Pulitzer. To make this a brunch to remember, we’ve put together our favorite decorating, hosting and cooking tips to help in planning your big celebration!

Plan ahead and make a list

Like with any party, you need to make sure you have an idea of a head count so you can make sure you have enough food/drink for everyone. Second, schedule the brunch with enough lead-time so you have adequate time to prepare the menu, clean and organize your home. Third, it’s imperative to make a detailed list for your food, decor and games. Putting everything down on paper (or on an iPad or phone) will make it easier for you to remember every ingredient and material you may need!

spring table lemon lime

Add seasonal touches to the decor

There is never a shortage of beautiful flowers, vegetables, fruits or plants in early April, so feature as many seasonal touches as you can. When decorating with flowers, don’t be afraid of color. We love the bright colors of purples, greens and yellows in the third stunning bouquet in this spring roundup. If you want to keep it simpler, add just a few bright pink roses or peonies in a simple bouquet of white daisies for a pop of color. If you don’t have the money for blooms, make a centerpiece out of limes, lemons or oranges. We adore this DIY fruit centerpiece created by the ladies of the Daily Dish. It’s simple, cheap and perfectly themed for a brunch!

Glitter eggs

Use edible ingredients

Who said your centerpiece couldn’t be edible? Why not create a one-of-a-kind statement centerpiece like this candy filled vase? Made with jellybeans, peeps and bright pink peonies, this festive vase makes a very eye-catching addition to your tablescape. Another fun, edible centerpiece is to create pretty glittered eggs. This beautiful egg centerpiece is made from real hard-boiled eggs, tinsel glitter and glue. Simple cover the eggs in glue and douse with glitter. These look stunning next to a simple bouquet of spring flowers.

dutch oven pancakes

Think outside the box with your recipes

Sure, French toast, hamburgers and eggs Benedict are all delicious options, but they’re kind of boring, don’t you think? Serve up some unique entrées this Easter, like luscious olive oil cornbread cake, Basque-style baked eggs or fluffy Dutch oven pancakes! When creating your menu, think outside the box and create fun, innovative recipes that will wow and surprise your guests. To satisfy your picky eaters, feature a few traditional recipes and some more creative ones, too. Here’s a sample menu that has a great variety of unique and traditional fare:

Have Easter-themed games and activities

To keep everyone entertained before brunch is served (or after), have some fun Easter- and spring-themed activities planned! For the kids, why not set up an egg-dyeing station with a basket of eggs, colors, glitter, decals, etc.? Set the station up outside to avoid messes, and make sure you have an adult supervise. Another game for the whole family is Easter charades. Divide your guests into two teams and pass out clues written on colored egg-shape cutouts. Another fun activity is to set up a craft station and create springtime crafts, like this egg garland, with felt, ribbons and stencils!

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