Hottest careers for women in 2013

Are you ready to change your career path or heading out into the work world once again? We’ve searched the job market for the top opportunities for women in 2013 and are ready to help you make the most out of the new year.

Whether you are thinking about taking a few more classes or want to make the most out of the skills you already have, the new year is a perfect time to take advantage of careers in high demand. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest jobs for women in 2013 and are ready to share them with you to keep you one step ahead in the workforce.

1. Physical or Occupational Therapist

With the rising number of elderly patients and also the increasing number of children qualifying for physical and/or occupational therapists, both of these positions are in high demand. If you have the qualifications or are close to finishing your degree now is the time to get yourself back in the workforce.

2. Nurse

The nursing field seems to always be in high demand, landing a position in the top 10 list on almost every hot jobs list out there. While demanding, nursing school and the career that follows can be very gratifying, which makes a career in nursing a smart choice for 2013.

3. Virtual assistant

While not the most high paying position out there, becoming a virtual assistant can leave you with the flexibility and independence you need while letting you work from the comfort of your computer. Consider checking out a site like to find the perfect position for you.

4. Dental hygenist

The flexibility of a position as a dental hygenist can be an attractive aspect of this job, and the pay also makes this a great new career choice. Hygenists salaries have a wide range but can be as high as $67,000 annually.

5. Software developer

You’ve been dabbling in computer programming and dream of plans for the next best app for your phone, now’s the time to put those dreams in motion. According to a recently released study from CareerBuilder and Economic Marketing Specialists Intl. (ESMI), there have been more than 70,000 new software developer positions created since 2010.

6. Pharmacist

In the No. 3 spot on the U.S. News & World Report list of top jobs for 2013, this job is in high demand for 2013. A lucrative salary and an array of job openings all over the country make this one of the hottest professions of the new year.

7. Job training specialist

At a time when every company out there is trying to do things faster, better and in more cost effective manner, job trainers of all kinds are in high demand. What are your best skills? Could you turn them into a training career and find a new path for your talents this year?

8. Accountant

Are you a few credits away from that accounting degree or do you already have one you are considering putting to good use again? Now is the time to do it. According to the Careerbuilder and EMSI study, accountants continue to be in high demand with the field maintaining steady salaries and growth since 2010.

9. Pet groomer/trainer/assistant

You have seen pets dressed better than their owners, pet daycare centers and dog-walking services that cost more than your car payment. If you have a love for animals and are looking for a way to fill up your days and your pocketbook, think about putting your skills to work and looking out for someone else’s pet.

10. Social media specialist

If you spend most of your day on Facebook, Twitter or managing your blog why not find a way to turn this time into a career? Social media specialists are in high demand as companies learn that the best way to connect with their customers is to meet them where they spend the most time… at their computer.

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