13 Budgeting ideas for families

Dec 27, 2012 at 11:12 a.m. ET

You are heading into a new year, which means a new outlook on your finances and a new start to that budget that may not have gone as you planned last year. Here is a roundup of our favorite ways to make managing the family finances more fun.

It's time for a fresh start and a new outlook on the state of your checkbook. You don't have to feel alone in this task when there are all kinds of ways to incorporate your family into the financial planning process. We've gathered up our favorite ideas for the fun and the frugal out there and are sharing them with you so that sprawling spreadsheet of next year's numbers doesn't look so bad.


mom and daughter clipping coupons

Frugal families: 15 ways to save

From short cuts on transportation costs to spending less at the grocery store, this list of ways to save money as a family is a great way to help you meet your financial goals in the year ahead.


black bean soup

5-Ingredient quick dinners

We all have to fight the urge to visit the drive-thru in between soccer and dance and play practice. These meals are so quick and easy that you will find it much easier to drive right past the next drive-thru you see.


Girl delivering newspapers

How to raise financially independent children

We all want our children to someday not rely on us for every dime they spend so why not start now? This article gives a few tips for teaching your children how to raise, spend and save their own money rather than begging you for a dollar or two each day.


Mom and kids crafting

5 Best budget craft supplies to have on hand

Making things is a generally less-expensive way to go rather than buying them but even crafting can get expensive. These inexpensive craft supplies are the perfect items to stock in your craft cabinet.


Mom and duaghter cooking

Teach your kids to cook

They have to learn sooner or later right? If you begin incorporating these helpful tips to teach your children how to cook, you will not only save a bit of money in the process but your sanity may be saved as well as they learn the ins and outs of cooking.


bedroom decor

10 Bright and budget-friendly bedroom decorating ideas

When decorating the house, sometimes bedrooms are the places that suffer because the money runs out before you get there. These decorating ideas are easy on the wallet and will make your bedroom easy on the eyes.


family gardening

5 Weekend activities for under $50

The end of the week means family time for most, but it can also mean shopping and shows and extra gas in the car. These suggestions for inexpensive activities will help you decrease your expenses and increase your family time.


Woman working out

Get a celebrity body on a budget

Gym memberships and exercise equipment are expensive, and parting with those extra dollars may be getting in the way of your New Year's resolution to get in shape. Try these tips for getting in shape without going broke.


homemade crayons

Cool craft: Turn old crayons into fun, colorful shapes

The number of broken crayons in a house full of children seems to be never-ending. Rather than buy one more new set, turn your old crayons into new ones.


Bathroom makeover

5 Ways to fix up your bathroom for less than $100

When you think about sprucing up your bathroom do you imagine taking down tile and a plumbing disaster? These affordable ideas will have your bathroom sparkling without dulling your bank account.


Cleaning with organic cleaning supplies

Going green on a budget

As soon as you put the word "organic" in front of a product, the price magically doubles. You can still clean without all the chemicals and not spend a fortune by following these tips.


Woman shopping at farmers market

6 Ways to eat healthy on a budget

Ever notice how every coupon you clip is for food that isn't exactly the healthiest. Believe it or not you can eat healthy without breaking your bank account, and this article tells you how.


Family washing car

25 Ways to cut living costs

If you are always looking for one more way to cut your family expenses, this list gives you all kinds of ideas that you may not have thought of, from skipping the car wash to the least expensive time to catch a movie.

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