Renew You: New Year’s giveaways roundup

SheKnows is always happy to hook you up with awesome opportunities to score some super sweet stuff. That’s why we’re making it extra user-friendly this New Year’s and rounding up all our giveaways into one easy-to-find place. It’s a new year for a new you, so get to it and land yourself some wonderful gear for the road ahead! Renew You!

Giveaways for a better you this year
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Let’s face it: New Year’s resolutions are quite the challenge. Amidst the sheer exhaustion after all the holiday entertaining and appearances, it’s easy to fall into old habits in a new year.

So let’s do it differently this time! Start the trek off on the right foot with a proper hookup. We’re rounding up our best giveaways to Renew You! You deserve it, and we’re proud to help you on your journey to a better you. From better skin and better fitness to a sounder mind and more, we’re rallying our best gifts to help you bring those resolutions to life. Set your goals high, and we’ll help you along the way!

Renew Your Skin

Lift Lab

Start the new year fresh with bright glowing skin from LIFTLAB! We understand that the hustle and bustle throughout the holiday season may have depleted your energy reserves and left your complexion a bit dull. To help fix and repair holiday-weary winter dry skin and make sure you start the New Year refreshed and rejuvenated, LIFTLAB is offering a super luxurious giveaway that will get you glowing in no time.

The giveaway: A complete five-product set from LIFTLAB at a value of $530, this is the ultimate in skin repair and rejuvenation. Featuring the patented Cell Protection Proteins® (CPP™), a protein first discovered as the secret to survival in Arctic plants and marine life, this breakthrough collection of anti-aging skin care formulations combines the most innovative science and technology with unique, nature-derived active ingredients to deliver unprecedented protection and regeneration benefits for healthier, younger-looking skin.

  • Lift & Firm Eye Cream
  • Lift & Fix High Potency Solution
  • Lift & Moisturize Daily Cream
  • Lift & Repair Treatment Serum
  • Purify & Clarify Daily Cleanser and Detox Mask

Renew Your Mind


“Mind, Body, Spirit” — That’s how the saying goes, right? Let’s take the time to concentrate on the mind part of it and make sure all your screws are tightened.

Lumosity has helped people remember names and faces, prepare for sports competitions, study for academic tests, and even learn new instruments and languages. It’s also helped those recovering from disease- and accident-related brain injuries. Lumosity is truly for everyone.

The giveaway: Enter to win a 2- year subscription to Lumosity for improved brain health and performance. You’ll notice the benefits in the areas of memory, problem solving, attention, speed and flexibility.

Renew Your Fitness

Epic treadmill

Year after year, getting fit is one of the paramount New Year’s resolutions. The consistency of fitness pledges doesn’t always translate to consistent fitness programs, though. Keep the resolution alive well into March, June and even beyond this year and enjoy a fit, new you! Start off on the right foot with the help of an EPIC Z42T Treadmill.

The giveaway: The A42T blazes beyond your expectations and raises the bar for your fitness program. Enjoy a powerful drive system, precision-balanced rollers, and an extra-large full-color display with full wireless access and integration with iFit®. With a vast array of pre-programmed workouts, this machine offers full-color street views of running routes around the world and speakers for your music, and it even boasts a built-in fan.

Renew Your Travel

Best Western gift card

Resolve to explore new places this year. Try out new cultures, faces, cuisines and languages with the adventures of new travel outings!

The giveaway: Best Western is giving away a $150 gift card to help you sleep and stay in comfort along the road!

Renew Your Organization

Samsung tab 2.0

There’s no time like the new year to get your life organized and in order. Samsung is here to help sync all your day-to-day activities with a Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Tab 2.0. So, if you are on the go and need to chat, want to view your calendar or organize photos, we’ve got the perfect prize for you!

The giveaway: Enter for your chance to win these awesome tools from Samsung!

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