DIY scrap paper wreath

Dec 12, 2012 at 3:55 p.m. ET

This wreath is great for using up scrap paper from your other holiday crafting, yet cheap enough to buy coordinating papers for the more OCD crafter, hand raised!

Christmas themed scrap paper wreath

This holiday season our decor style is all about affordability! I love Christmas and decorating for the holidays, but with four children and a gaggle of nieces and nephews there isn't usually much left to splurge. This wreath comes in at just about $15, and even cheaper if you use a coupon for the Styrofoam wreath.

Christmas scrap paper materials


  •  1 (12-inch) Styrofoam half-sphere wreath
  • Approximately 6 yards wide ribbon (1-1/2 to 2-inches minimum)
  • Glue (tacky or hot glue gun)
  • Christmas-themed paper
  • A means of creating circles (paper punch, die-cutting machine, cups and scissors)



Step 1

First, take the end of your ribbon and angle it on the back of the Styrofoam wreath.

Christmas scrap paper step 1


Step 2

Continue tightly wrapping the ribbon around, overlapping as you go, until the wreath is wrapped.

Christmas scrap paper step 2


Step 3

When you have reached the end, glue the end of the ribbon to the top of the wreath. This way, when you are placing the circles on you can conceal the end.

Christmas scrap paper step 3


Step 4

Using your tool of choice, cut circles of varying sizes out of the paper. For our wreath, we used 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2 and 3-inch circles. You will cut 10 of each size. We used a combination of our paper punch and our Slihouette machine to cut the circles. If you do not have access to either of those, you could use cups of varying sizes to trace and then cut.

Christmas scrap paper step 4


Step 5

Beginning with your largest circle, zigzag them around your wreath. Use your glue to attach to the ribbon.

Christmas scrap paper step 6


Step 6

Then take your next largest circles and glue them, alternating between the larger circles.

Christmas scrap paper step 5


Step 7

Take your second to smallest and again alternate and glue. This time aim to cover any gaps that are still showing ribbon.

Christmas scrap paper step 7


Step 8

For your smallest circles, arrange them to create a more aesthetic look and glue down.

Christmas scrap paper step 8


Step 9

Take a small strip of ribbon, and create a loop.

Christmas scrap paper step 9


Step 10

Glue the bottom layer to the back of the wreath and then glue the top layer for a secure hold. We chose to use hot glue for this step for a stronger (and quicker drying) hold.

Christmas scrap paper step 10

Final product

Adorn the wreath if desired. I like to keep things simple and went with a single thin bow. Hang and admire!

Christmas scrap paper finished

Merry Christmas and happy crafting!

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