Rudolph pancakes

Dec 11, 2012 at 4:15 a.m. ET

The holidays are full of magic for children and adults alike. Bring a little of it to your table this year with these adorable Rudolph pancakes.

Rudolph finished3

Rudolph pancakes


  • Your favorite pancake batter
  • Maraschino cherries, drained
  • Cream cheese, softened
  • Dark-colored grapes
  • Crispy slices of bacon

Pancake ingredients


Make the pancakes

Rudolph is formed by three pancakes — one large, one small and one to trim for the ears. If you are good at free-handing shapes with batter, you can probably create the ear shape just with the batter alone.


If you have them, cookie and cupcake scoops will make this part easier. Scoop one round of batter onto the griddle and then scoop a second round that is about half the size. Don't stress over the details. Now add another bit of batter to the griddle to make the ears.

Cook them as usual.


Gather supplies

Gather your pancakes and other ingredients together.

gather ingredients together


Make the antlers

First make the antlers with the bacon. To do this, break one piece in half and lay each half at a slight angle at the top of the plate. Add two or three other (smaller) pieces branching out from the main antler.

Bacon antlers

Lay the large pancake over the antlers. Spread a layer of cream cheese on the bottom part of the pancake to help the smaller pancake adhere to it so that it won't slide off when you take it to the table.

Reindeer start

Gently press the smaller pancake onto the area where you put the cream cheese, fitting the bottom edges together.


Make the face

Carefully lay the ears down near the antlers. You can affix them in place by using a little cream cheese on the plate and pressing the ears into it.

Add nose and ears

A melon baller works like a charm to create the whites of the eyes. Scoop out two small balls of the cream cheese and flatten them slightly. If you are using a spoon, you can roll the cream cheese into balls with your hands. Now cut a grape in half and press into the cream cheese to create the pupils of the eyes.

Rudolph finished4

Pat the drained cherry with a paper towel to remove moisture. Place a small bit of cream cheese in the center of the smaller pancake and press the cherry on it gently. If you want to make Rudolph's nose less sugary, you can also use a red grape or a small strawberry. The maraschino cherry looks the best, though.

That's it. Your kids will look at you with a new wonder and respect — or at least a big smile.

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