DIY candy mint Christmas tree

The holidays are many things, but they are not cheap! Between the gift buying, the traveling and the food costs, we’re often left with just a few bucks to decorate! Instead of spending those last few cents on an overpriced centerpiece or mantel display, why not make a few of these adorable mint trees?

DIY candy mint Christmas tree

You can’t beat a craft that costs less than $5. This mint tree only takes about 30 minutes to make and instantly adds some holiday pizzazz to mantels, coffee tables and even centerpieces! In addition, this is one craft your kids will love to help you make!

DIY candy mint Christmas tree -- supplies


  • 1 bag of regular red circle mints
  • 1 bag of wintergreen circle mints
  • Hot glue gun
  • Assorted sizes of styrofoam cones
  • Silver glitter glue



Unwrap the mints

With dry hands (this is very important, otherwise the candy will get sticky), unwrap each candy so you can glue it onto the cone.

DIY candy mint Christmas tree -- mints


Glue mints onto the tree

Using your hot glue gun, glue the mints onto the tree, right next to each other, covering up every bit of space on the cone that you can.

DIY candy mint Christmas tree -- glue mint on tree

We did two layers of red and one layer of green and repeated until we got to the top of the tree.

DIY candy mint Christmas tree -- glue mints on tree

DIY candy mint Christmas tree -- overhead view


Fill in holes with silver glitter glue

Since you can’t overlap the mints, we added some silver glitter glue to cover up some of the holes. It gives the tree a bit of a tinsel look!

DIY candy mint Christmas tree --add glitter


Let dry and enjoy!

Let the glue dry and clean up the loose strings with a cloth. Display on your mantel or table and enjoy!

DIY candy mint Christmas tree -- final

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