DIY 12 Days of Christmas wreath

Do something different to count down the 12 days of Christmas this holiday season. This affordable DIY holiday wreath is made with tins that are perfect for hiding little treats or fun clues to gifts.

12 days of Christmas wreath

When I was a child, I remembered my parents doing a 12 days of Christmas gift countdown a few times, and for someone with a pathetic memory (I’m only 27!), the fact that I remember it means it was special! So, we decided amongst all the craziness that this holiday season is bringing — my sister is having a wedding just two days after Christmas! — that we wanted to make sure it was fun and memorable for our four kids. We also have come to realize that with so many family members and all their birthdays during the months leading up to Christmas, that we wanted to spread out the gifts and experiences so that they better appreciated even the littlest ones!

This wreath is cheap (about $20 using a coupon for the favor tins) and only took about 90 minutes altogether. It is great for even the smallest of children since the tins are easy enough to open, and can be used for many years.

12 days of Christmas wreath DIY materials


  • 12-inch craft ring
  • Craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Hot glue
  • Favor tins
  • 4 Holiday-themed scrapbook papers
  • Number stickers
  • Ribbon
  • 2-inch circle punch


Since this requires painting and crafting, you can do both parts jointly and just switch between the two while waiting for paint to dry!

DIY 12 days wreath step 1


Give your craft circle a base color.

DIY 12 days wreath step 2


Once that has dried, take your painter’s tape and mark off lines to paint your top color. Since I had paint drip into the middle, I decided to flip the wreath and use the top color to paint the inner ring as well. (Do this while the tape is still on so that you don’t have the reverse problem!)

DIY 12 days wreath step 3


To create your number lids, take your circle punch and punch scrapbook paper, punch 3 circles out of each page.

DIY 12 days wreath step 4


Use the stickers to label each circle, 1 through 12.

DIY 12 days wreath step 5


Pop the plastic cover carefully out of the tin top.

DIY 12 days wreath step 6


Place your circle against the backside of the lid and hot glue around the edges. it does not need to be perfect, you just don’t want the scrapbook paper to fall into the container.

DIY 12 days wreath step 7


Pop the plastic back into the lid, making sure to press all around the edges to click it completely into place.

DIY 12 days wreath step 8


Arrange the tins on your wreath.

DIY 12 days wreath step 9


Hot glue each tin to the wreath.

DIY 12 days wreath step 10


Take your ribbon, and tie a bow.

DIY 12 days wreath step 11


Flip your wreath over, and hot glue your ribbon ends behind the 1 and 11.

DIY 12 days wreath step 12


Create clues to the hidden presents — or just place a little treat in each tin. Enjoy!

Putting it to use

We are starting our countdown on Dec. 14 at the 12th day. Day 1 will end up being Christmas morning for us, and they will get their big present, their stockings and a group gift. Simple and not overwhelming. Some of our gifts include: a Christmas themed candy, $1 mugs with hot chocolate and outfits. We are also doing a couple of group gifts since they are all fairly close in age like a new play parachute and the new Brave movie. And finally, I am having my husband choose one day all on his own. Have fun, happy crafting, and have a very, merry Christmas season!

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