Edible place cards for a modern Thanksgiving

If you’re throwing your first Thanksgiving with your family and the in-laws, it’s helpful to control the seating arrangements so people don’t separate into the family units you’re all used to. Keep the cross-familial conversation flowing with these cute and simple edible cupcake place cards.

cupcake place cards

The best part of these cupcake place cards is that they can be as elegant or fun as you’d like. You can even get the kids in on the action.

How to make cupcake place cards

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cupcake or mini cupcake per guest
  • 1 toothpick per guest
  • Frosting in fall colors (chocolate, orange, yellow, etc.)
  • Chocolate or white chocolate shavings or sprinkles
  • Ribbon (choose one that matches your frosting)
  • Thick paper (like card stock)
  • Tape and glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Markers


  1. After making the cupcakes according to your favorite cupcake recipe (or cheating with a boxed mix), allow them to cool completely.
  2. Frost the cupcakes using a knife, spatula or frosting tips and sprinkle with chocolate shavings or sprinkles.
  3. Cut the card stock into a rectangle or other shapes large enough to write someone’s name on.
  4. Use the pencil to write each person’s name neatly on the card, then trace it with the marker. While colors are nice, plain black is often elegant and easier to read.
  5. Decorate the card with ribbon — you can tie a pretty bow and glue that to the card or glue the ribbon in a pretty pattern (or do bows for the ladies and patterns for the men).
  6. Tape or glue the tip of the toothpick to the back of the card so the rest of the toothpick points downward.
  7. Insert the toothpick into the top of the cupcake and place each cupcake in front of the seat you’d like the guest to take with their name facing the chair. Make sure there’s a small plate for each guest to use to set the cupcake aside while they finish their meal.

Your guests will adore this simple touch. They’ll also appreciate the sweet finish to their holiday meal.

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