Best gifts for the book lover in your life

With the introduction of tablets and e-readers, it can make gift giving to those who love to read a bit more challenging. Of course if they don’t already have an e-reader, that is the obvious choice. But if they do, think outside the box a bit and get creative with your gifts. We’ve rounded up some fun options to give to your favorite bookworms.

Book light

Brighten their day

Surely the book lover in your life likes to read more than just during the day. Provide them with the perfect reading light for any time of day with a portable book light. Amazon is filled with different light options that can best suit your beloved bookworm, but we love this Samsung rechargeable book light that comes with 4 brightness levels and can even charge your mobile phone or mp3 player. (Amazon, $30)


Stand up straight

If shelving is out of your budget, bookends are a fun option. Bookends come in a variety of styles including rocks, monograms, photo frames and of course, more abstract designs. You can surely find bookends that will not only be functional but that will fit your friend’s or family member’s personality or decor taste as well. We’re loving these bicycle bookends. They are perfect for someone who also has a love of bikes or someone who just wants a bit of whimsy to add to their shelves. (Amazon, $35)

Coffee mug

Drink it up

If your book-loving friend loves to read while drinking a cup of coffee, getting them a cute mug with memorable quotes from their favorite books will be an excellent gift. Amazon contains a variety of mug options for the book lover, but we adore this mug which is covered in opening lines from some of the greatest works of literature. (Amazon,$12)


Store and stack ‘em

Book lovers likely have hoards of books crammed in all corners of their homes. Their libraries are considered prized possessions and as equally worthy of being prominently displayed as their family photos. So why not get them a fun bookcase or set of shelves to display their collection? There are cool modern takes on so many options of bookshelves but if you really want to splurge, this Atlantic wood cabinet with sliding doors will make their space feel like a true, vintage library. (Amazon, $123)


Go beyond the book

If you are on the hunt for the perfect gift, the Kindle Paperwhite is surely our best pick. The Kindle is lightweight and can hold over 1,000 books which is ideal for any book lover on-the-go. With features like adjusting your text size, no screen glare, and a battery that lasts weeks, your dearest bookworm will be sure to thank you for their favorite gift. (Amazon, $120)

Personal library kit

Keep it classic

Most bookworms have a large collection of books, many of which they loan out to friends. Keeping track of their novels can be difficult, but now there is a way for them to be their own librarian. Give your book-loving friend the Personal Library Kit complete with checkout cards and date stamps; losing books will never be a problem again! (Amazon, $13)

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