How to throw a football party for the gals

Football isn’t just for the guys. We ladies like to get into the action, too. This season, plan a girls-only football party. But skip the cheap beer and greasy food and get in the spirit with some fun football-themed decor using these tips, including some from celebrity designer Courtney Cachet.


So, what’s the difference between a football party for the boys and one for the girls? A little ambiance, of course. Check out these ideas on fun foods, drinks and decorations to give your game day a bit of a girly twist.

The grub

Your girlfriends are going to expect something a little fancier than nachos made with microwave cheese or pizza delivery. Cachet suggests transforming the usual manly eats into delicious (and daintier) finger foods. “Stir up some turkey chili served in shot glasses, mini tacos, low-fat dips, turkey meatballs and crudite,” she says.

Have fun with it, too. Try a seasonal pumpkin turkey chili, mini English muffin pizzas or just ask your friends to bring appetizer-sized versions of their favorite game day munchies.

Cachet also suggests a football-themed dessert. You can try these adorable nut football helmets. If you prefer to stick with what you know, you can just use football-themed toothpicks, straws and napkins. Cachet also points out that “most supermarket bakeries will have cute football cakes for you to choose from rather than having to bake your own.”

wineThe booze

For most people, it’s not a watching party without alcohol. But that doesn’t mean you have to serve the same swill as the boys. Opt for a selection of great fall beers (or even wine) and have a tasting during halftime.

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You can also skip the beer altogether and serve a single signature cocktail. You can “serve [the drink] two ways in the colors of the teams playing,” says Cachet, “it’s easier than having to create a number of different cocktails and buying the ingredients for each libation.”

Sports Hound from 1800 FlowersThe decor

When it comes to parties, what separates the women from the boys is often just a little attention to the little things. Cachet had several fun suggestions for giving your living room a little football fun.

Line your table with AstroTurf, draw yard lines with fake snow from a can and add small to midsized floral arrangements in sports themes, like this one from

Use black and white striped napkins to match the refs’ uniforms.

Pin name cards to small Nerf footballs for each guest.

For fun photos after cocktail hour, hang a yellow banner behind your table and have a Football for Dummies on display (could come in handy for those rule debates!). Also get some megaphones and a set of pom-poms for props.

About Courtney Cachet

Courtney Cachet

Celebrity designer and TV personality Courtney Cachet’s sense of style has caught the attention of the design and media world from New York to Dubai. This New York-based decorating maven is working on multiple product lines, a handful of A-lister international design projects and contributes regularly on NBC and Huffington Post Style, dishing out tips to help make your world even more fabulous and luxurious.

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