Halloween party ideas

The ideas to get creative with your Halloween parties are endless. We have rounded up the most creative ideas the web has to offer this Halloween season. Not even the ghosts and goblins will be “booing” over these party pleasers.

Halloween cupcake
Halloween decor

Spooktacular Party Ideas

The ideas to get creative with your Halloween parties are endless. We have rounded up the most creative ideas the web has to offer this Halloween season. Not even the ghosts and goblins will be “booing” over these party pleasers.

You are planning the annual Halloween party this year and looking for something new to impress your guests. Whether you are looking for a scary snack, a delicious drink or goulish games, we have scoured the web to find the best out there. Here are our favorite ideas for creating a spooktacular party.

The invitations

Halloween punch


Evites is launching “Halloweek” this year, a fun-filled calendar of Halloween-related activities with invitations to match. With designs for kids and adults, you will find any invitation your Halloween bash could possibly need.

The drinks

Halloween punch

Petrifying punch

This perfect punch from See Vanessa Craft not only comes with a tasty recipe, it includes a tutorial for easy-to-make jack-o’-lantern jars for your guests to pour their punch right into.

The treats

Purple People Eater Pops

Purple people eater pops

Cake pops have quickly become everyone’s favorite treat, so adding them to your list of Halloween treats will be the perfect party pleaser. Try these purple people eater pops from See Vanessa Craft for a great twist on this fun treat.
Witches Cauldron Cakes

Witches cauldron cakes

Could you get more creative with cupcakes than these witches cauldron cakes from Rainy Day Mum? Your guests biggest decision will be whether they want to dive right in or save these spooky sweets to look at for a while.
Spider Chocolate Cupcakes

Spider chocolate cupcakes

These spider chocolate cupcakes could either be a dessert on display or a fun activity to decorate at your Halloween party. You can have them ready for your guests to dive right into or set out all the supplies given by Here Comes the Girls blog and let everyone make their own.

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The decorations

Halloween Screens

Halloween screens

You are getting ready to decorate for your party but would like something different from your typical orange and black. Try these fantastic Halloween screens from Crafting in the Rain to make your guests stop and stare.

Erupting Pumpkins

Erupting pumpkins

No one will be able to pass these erupting pumpkins from Growing a Jeweled Rose without wondering how in the world you managed such a devilish decoration. With just a few ingredients you can make any pumpkin look a little bit more ghoulish.

Spider Pumpkin

Spider Pumpkin

These spider pumpkins from Here Comes the Girls will walk their way into your Halloween decor with the perfect hint of creativity. Easy to make, they don’t require a bit of carving. Just a few easy-to-follow steps, and you’re done!

Glowing Pumpkin Jars

Glowing pumpkin jars

Light the way to your perfect party with these glowing pumpkin jars from Growing a Jeweled Rose. You can create different colors and different faces to match your Halloween theme.

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The party games

Halloween Jelly

Halloween jelly

Want to let your littlest guests get ooey and gooey for some Halloween fun? Try this Halloween jelly for some messy play from Nurture Store. The kids can dive in and find secret prizes while squirming in the slime.

Spider Web Obstacle Course

Spider web obstacle course

With a little bit of work and a few supplies, you can create this awesome spider web obstacle course sure to keep guests big and small occupied long enough for you to serve up your next surprise. You can find the easy-to-follow instructions at Wild LIfe Fun for Kids.

Melting Witch Fingers

Melting witch fingers

Make these melting witch fingers and set them out with lots of paper for your guests to draw their own Halloween creations or pack them away in gift bags for everyone to take home. Either way, these fun crayons from Creative Connections for Kids will be a hit!

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