Cotton candy Halloween costume

Be sticky-sweet for trick-or-treat. This cotton candy costume is sure to win lots of smiles and extra handfuls of candy.

Cotton candy costume

No sewing necessary. Just cut, wrap, spray glue and paint. Halloween success with less stress.


Fits child approximately 40 inches tall

Cotton candy costume -- Materials

  • Upholstery foam:  1 x 27 x 38 inches (found at hobby or fabric stores)
  • Quilt batting:  81 x 96 inches (found at hobby or fabric stores)
  • Can of spray adhesive (I prefer 3M Super 77)
  • 4-inch Velcro tabs
  • X-Acto knife and scissors
  • Light pink spray paint
  • White socks, white tights and pink shirt

Measure and mark

Starting at the waist, wrap a sheet of upholstery foam around your child to get the approximate size of cone you will need. Using a pen, mark the area where the foam should be cut, and where the face and arm holes should go.

Cotton Candy Halloween costume -- fit to child



On a flat surface, cut holes in the foam with an X-Acto knife or straight blade tool.

Cotton candy costume -- Cut holes


Attach Velcro

Attach Velcro tabs along one back edge of the foam at the bottom, middle and top using hot glue or spray glue.

Cotton candy costume -- Attach tabs

Cotton candy costume -- Cut holes


Wrap foam cone

When glue on Velcro tabs is dry and secure, wrap the foam cone around a box or wire frame. (I found a tomato plant cage worked perfectly!)

Wrap foam cone


Cut batting

Cut your quilt batting into sheets that are the same length as your cone, but about 10 inches taller.

On a flat surface, cut holes in the foam with an exacto-knife or straight blade tool.


Spray glue

Cotton candy Halloween costume -- spray glue

Spray glue the entire foam cone, making sure to avoid the Velcro tabs on back.


Wrap batting around cone

Cotton candy Halloween costume -- wrap batting

Start wrapping your first sheet of batting around the cone, aligning the bottom edges. Let the extra batting on top swirl and fold in on itself to make the top of the cotton candy.


Cut the back of batting

Cut the back of the batting along the edge of the foam opening.

Cotton candy Halloween costume -- Cut the seam


Glue, wrap and repeat

Spray glue, wrap and repeat these steps until all of your batting is attached to the foam cone, making sure to trim along the opening in back every time. You can stretch and fluff the batting as needed to get the “cotton candy” look you desire.

Cotton candy Halloween costume -- continue wrapping


Reopen face and arm holes

To reopen the face and arm holes, punch through those areas with an X-Acto knife or scissors and cut pie-shaped slices to open the spaces.

Cotton candy Halloween costume

Put spray glue on the backs of the triangle cuts and fold them to the insides of the foam opening, securing them to the sides.

Cotton candy Halloween costume -- spray holes

This takes a little effort and can get a little sticky, so be patient.

Cotton candy Halloween costume -- hold and adhere batting



Paint the entire thing cotton-candy pink.

Cotton candy Halloween costume -- paint


Complete the outfit

Dress your child in a pink shirt, white tights and white socks and shoes. Slip the cotton candy costume around your child and close with the Velcro.

Cotton Candy costume

Add an accessory as a final touch. Maybe you could even use an empty bag of sugar for your trick-or-treat bag!

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