Play ball: Tips to host a World Series party

Oct 5, 2012 at 10:56 a.m. ET

Hey batter, batter... swing and hit a home run party-of-the season! It's time for the World Series to get started, so gather your friends and host a themed party to celebrate.

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Hey batter, batter… swing and hit a home run party-of-the season! It's time for the World Series to get started, so gather your friends and host a themed party to celebrate.

The World Series starts on Oct. 24 and if your team is lucky enough to make it to the championship series, how excited are you? Why not throw a party to kick things off! From peanutty snacks to great-tasting hot dogs, here are a few ideas to make the Series (and your party) memorable.

Timing is everything

Since the World Series is a best-of-seven competition, decide if you want to kick off the Series with a party, or if you'd rather save the festivities — like for a game four or later.

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Once you figure out timing, either mail, email or hand deliver a festive, themed invite to your friends. If you're creative, pick up some crafting supplies and design and decorate your own invitations. If you're someone who needs a little help in the design department, check out some sites like Zazzle or Etsy for premade invitations.

Plan to have a few gloves and balls on hand just in case the action on TV gets a little slow. If the weather is nice, your guests will likely appreciate a break in the backyard.

Feed your crowd

Food and drinks are always a highlight at a baseball game! Bring that feeling to your party with some of the following ideas.


Thirst-quenching beverages can include beer (don't forget light and nonalcoholic options), lemonade, soda and water. If you're thinking more like a player than a fan, consider serving your favorite flavored sports drink (Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Powerade, etc.).

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Food and snacks

Who doesn't get "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" stuck in their heads as soon as they set out to a game? It also gets you thinking about peanuts, Cracker Jack and hot dogs, am I right? Better give the crowds what they expect! It's easy to make your menu reflect some favorite ballpark foods and snacks. Consider some of the following recipes for your party:

Chili dog
Pretzel and mustard
Ice cream sandwich

You could also grill burgers or make a few pizzas. And don't forget a fruit platter and a veggie tray with tasty dips or, if you really want to score, set up an at-home ice cream bar!

Party decor

Think about setting the stage for your shindig. To start with, ask your guests to dress in their favorite baseball duds and don't forget the ball caps. You might also think it's fun to dress in black and white (think stripes) to look like an umpire. If your team is lucky enough to make it to the Series, then by all means break out the team's colors, jerseys and any other memorabilia that's safe to display.

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Yankees party pack from the Oriental Trading company
Yankees party pack (Oriental Trading, $30)

For more inspiration consider these ideas:

  • Check local party stores for decorations like baseball-shaped balloons, inflatable bats, baseball tablecloths and banners. If you're looking for paper napkins and cups with team names and logos, visit Oriental Trading.
  • Secure several baseball-themed balloons outside the house near your front door or inside your entrance.
  • Buy packs of inexpensive baseball cards and place them on your tables or buffet areas.
  • To make a fun a centerpiece, get your hands on a clear glass vase and fill it with either sand or colored (or clear) glass "rocks" you can pick up at craft stores. Fill the vase with baseball pennants (the kind on dowel-like sticks), mixed with silk fall foliage like leaves or even flowers that might match your team's colors.

You won't need to round too many bases to host a winning Word Series party. With a few simple tricks, your party will be a grand slam!

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