How to make a Where’s Waldo Halloween costume

Want a budget-friendly Halloween costume this year? Well, here we have a simple and cost-effective Where’s Waldo outfit that people of any age can wear! Whether you’re trick-or-treating with the kids or heading to a fun Halloween party, this costume will definitely put a smile on people’s faces. At a cost of under $30, it won’t dive deep into your wallet like some other homemade costumes, so get your glue out and have fun!

Where's Waldo Halloween costume

What you’ll need for the Where’s Waldo hat (prices may vary):

  • Two small sheets of red felt: $0.46
  • Two small sheets of white felt: $0.46
  • Red puff balls: $3.47
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Other necessities:

  • A red-and-white striped shirt
  • Big-framed glasses
  • A brown satchel
  • Jeans (preferably straight-leg)
  • Tennis shoes
  • At a local thrift store, we were able to find a great camera to go with the costume. So, that is a great bonus for this costume, if you can find it!

Measure, cut, glue

Meaure, cut, and glue the Where's Waldo hat together

Measure the head of the person wearing the costume, to make sure you have enough felt to wrap around the head. Place two red felt sheets together, draw out a triangle shape on each, and then cut along those lines. Once the felt is cut, glue the edges together to create a cone shape.


Fold and cut

Cut the white felt into strips for the Where's Waldo hat.

Fold the top of the triangle in so that it creates some area for the puff balls to be glued on later. Cut white strips into even, horizontal lines, making sure they are long enough to cover the front of the hat. Line up the white strips over the red hat so they are evenly placed on that side of the hat.


Line up and glue

Line up the felt so you get alternating stripes of color on the Waldo hat

Glue the tip of the hat to each end of the strips, leaving the excess white felt in order to line up the other side. Line up the other white strips so that they are even with the front of the hat, aligning them with the excess felt from the other side, and then glue the ends again. Cut off all the extra white felt, angling it along the triangle shape of the hat.


Final touches

Glue the red puff balls onto the top of Waldo's hat to complete it

Lastly, start gluing the red puff balls onto the top of the hat. Using the biggest ones first may be easier because it gives some extra area for the other smaller ones to be glued on. Let the glue dry for at least ten minutes, and you are done with Waldo’s hat! Put on your jeans, red-and-white striped shirt, shoes and glasses, heft your satchel and camera, and you’re ready to be found!

Wheres Waldo homemade Halloween costume

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