How to get The Hunger Games‘ Capitol look

One of the most popular movies of 2012, The Hunger Games, is the inspiration for many Halloween costumes this year. If you want to get the fabulous, outlandish look of the residents of the Capitol, follow these Halloween makeup tips and tricks.

Halloween Hunger Games makeup tutorial

Halloween Hunger Games makeup tutorial - face with white foundation

Step 1:

Start with a white base.
Apply a white makeup base to your entire face, and then set the foundation with translucent powder. Buff around the neck and jawline, as well as under the cheekbones and around the forehead, by using press powder that closely matches your skin tone.
Pale liquid foundation
Halloween Hunger Games makeup tutorial - white eyeshadow

Step 2:

Apply the eye shadow.
Fill in your eyebrows with light blue eye shadow. Highlight under the eyebrows with white shadow, and pat a peach shade into the inner part of the eyelids. Buff a pink shadow (or blush) onto the outer part of the eyelid, and work out toward the ends. Buff under the eyes with the same color. Apply pink blush to your cheeks, and blend up toward the eyes and into the temples. Use a triangular sponge to blend the blush and white base together. Apply a shimmer pigment to highlight the inner portion of the eye and the brow bone, and then buff. Finish the eyes by lining the eyelid with blue eyeliner, and then apply blue eye shadow over the line to soften.
Halloween Hunger Games makeup tutorial - heart designed lips

Step 3:

Define the lips.
Draw a blue heart on your lip, with the bottom rounded, and then blend. Add some pink lip color on the inner part of the lips.

Step 4:

Add fake lashes.
Apply a set of traditional false eyelashes before adding a set of blue eyelashes. The first set will help the blue really stand out. Once the glue is set, add blue eyeliner to cover the lash glue, and add mascara to the bottom of the top lashes. Finally, use the lash glue to apply a gem as a mole somewhere on your face.

Step 5: Style your hair.

Prep your Capitol hairstyle The Hunger Games with hairspray to add some texture. Backcomb your hair to create volume, or make waves in your hair with a curling iron if you prefer. Backcomb one more time, and pin your hair underneath to create the Capitol look.

How to create the Hunger Games’ Capitol look

Watch this makeup tutorial and learn how to recreate this look yourself!

How To Get the Hunger Games’ Capitol Look
Here’s a great costume idea for this Halloween. Learn how to get the Hunger Games’ Capitol Look.

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